Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Week Down!

Hello family and friends!!!

I have officially made it a full week which is super exciting!! I do like the packages but i have A TON of food to eat its going to get all stale and everything!! Most moms are sending DR Pepper and stuff so you were fine!

It is getting a little easier but mainly now i am just swamped with the language! They make us start talking to people like pretend investigators and we have only had 3 lessons so it was way rough!!! The elder that i had is still here i think......he is waiting for visas.. its hard to know because there are 110 people in our branch now.. we are almost ready to be split up! I think i have like 3 things of hair gel so i wont need one for a while but yeah it was the read one that said spiked up look. The 12 apostles are here this week, i haven't seen any of them yet but tonight we get to go to a devotional that is Elder Oaks i think. We haven't had anyone leave yet and we are all going to the Lisbon mission and we all should leave the same time which will be awesome! we are gunna take up like the whole airplane!

I am eating a ton its ridiculous! i thought it was bad when we were in palmyra and all we would do is is worse we eat ALL THE TIME!!! I am eating really well and really liking the juice! I really am starting to like it here! I have gotten into a groove and figured out everything! The only scary thing i have to do figure out is the whole dry cleaning thing but that is alright cause its just like the lady in the room that i have to talk to and see how much it is and stuff.

We have started to really hammer the language and it is so rough right now.. we are supposed to be able to pray and introduce ourselves and no one in my district can do either really.. we have only had 3 language lessons though so i dont feel too bad! I hate this computer by the way it does two periods every time i push the button and the enter button doesn't work so i apologize!!

I want to know more about the whole BYU and UTAH going to different conferences and stuff we dont know anything about what is going on!! We have an elder getting World Cup updates which is cool. Well i am basically out of time and the timer on these computers are scary cause they aren't way accurate and it randomly kicks you off! So to be safe i am going to err on the safe side!!

I want all of you to know that I love you!! I owe you all a ton! Without you i wouldn't be here preparing to bless people that don't even know they can be blessed. I really love you all and just think only 103 more weeks till i am home! We basically are done! ;)

P.S. SEND LETTERS! i believe dear elder is free so just when you are bored at work or something type me up a quick message!!! I love getting really is everything here.. i don't want it just so i can brag but it really is everything district leaders that have been here for a while get to were they check it like 6-7 times a day because they really are EVERYTHING!!!


-Elder BB