Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey mommy!!

I know it is is crazy!! I had to bear my testimony for my last time in Portugal this week which was super weird! I couldn´t believe that really it was happening. My companion had to renew his visa so he was there for 2 days so i went with my old companion Elder Roundy and  funny kid, Elder Wolman. It was super great. Guimarães is a super awesome place! 

This week was pretty good not a lot of interesting things happened but yesterday we had a Zone Conference with Pres. Torgan and it was super awesome cause it was his last one as Pres. cause he will go home to Brazil 3 days after we leave. It was super awesome and he talked a lot about how the theory everyone knows but how we need to actually do it. Stop talking all pretty and just put it into action. It was good. When we got back to our area it was almost 8 at night and we ran to visit some of Thebers friends which was super awesome we taught the first lesson and it was amazing to see that really they did feel something different and Theber taught a lot of it with us. He is going to ask his mom today for her permission to be baptized on this Thursday! haha s

Sounds like you guys are having all sorts of fun adventures. That is super funny that ellie didn´t want to give her tooth to the toothfairy, but I also didn´t want to when i was younger. I think I threw one of mine away when I cleaned out my room when I was getting ready to come on the mission! ;) I think what we need to do is build a covering thing for where we have parked the wheelers...extend the roof of the shed or something as well!

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!

Hey daddio!!!

So in response to your last emial sorry i didn´t get it in time and we had to go quickly unexpectedly. 

Don´t be to worried about driving it will be fine it is the worst in Europe, but the accidents are normally people rear ending others so just make sure to keep the normal space and it will all be good. there are laws and cops that sorta enforce it. basically it is just small roads with a a lot of small cars. It will be fine just make sure you know how to drive a stick cause 99% of the cars are manual.

We had a fireside on Sunday that was super awesome..Pres. Torgan talked about how to find happiness today and the secret is repentance. It was super awesome! Also we found a cool family or two. One guy named Tino who we explained the first vision and invited him to pray and he said he did three times and each time he felt peace and a difference. He is coming this week to church and it will be awesome! His wife was super excited because she was an active Catholic but fell away because he fell away, but she said we have re-sparked the fire inside him and he even said we unlocked a little monster inside him by the way we talked to him about our message! It was awesome! He used to be a pro basketball player and is constantly giving us updates on the NBA and everything! It sounds like it is getting pretty crazy! I hope that it is Oklahoma vs Boston and it goes all the way to 7 to have Boston win. :)

I am still feeling really good! It was weird to have that last conference, it was the last I will have in the mission. It was the last night a lot of the missionaries will see the Torgans, so Sister Torgan gave us all hugs which was sad. But I will see her in 2 weeks. I am not to nervous...trying to figure out what I need to leave in the house and what I should take back, but other than that it is all good. Theber should be baptized Thursday and we should have Vera as well before I leave and I pray that Tino and some others can get rolling for my last Sunday! :)

Thanks daddio!! I love you!!


Hey mommy!!

This weed was pretty good! It was a little bit weird because we didn´t have a lot of time here. My comp went to Lisbon to get his visa, so I went to Guimarães which is possibly the coolest city. It has so much to buy it is really awesome! Basically they have tons of suit stores and tons of shoe stores and everything else you can think of. It is really awesome! They have some of the oldest stuff is "where Portugal was born." We had Theber in church and an excommunicated lady...we also had some inactives that hadn´t come in a really long time! The 8 year old named Inês was baptized! Jamie, our old branch pres. was called to be our ward mission leader which will be super awesome cause he is super organized and will do a great job! It probably is the best thing that could have happened to our branch right now.

I can´t believe I only have ONE month left but ya know the other day I was thinking back and I felt an odd peace that really when the time comes as long as I keep pushing I really do feel like I have given a really solid effort and feel pleased and like God is pleased which is the most important!

I think we could go to Florida for Christmas that sounds like a pretty good idea! I bet you could get dad to do it if you told him we could go on a an alligator hunt...he probably would do it. ;) hehe! Dad didn´t write this week is he on some adventure? yes all my pants still fit the same...i think actually i am staying the same weight but losing a little bit of the gut that i gathered.

I am for sure going to need a dentist appointment when i get back. I don´t know if you want to try to make an appointment before you leave or not but i will need one i am pretty sure back where i broke my tooth like a year and something ago it is getting all weird...i always gave it more attention when brushing but it is sketchy!

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell


Hey mommy!!!

Things are going pretty well this week we focused a lot on getting some less active in Church. We visited a lot of them and we had one that haven't been to church in a really long time. She really liked it and was surprised by the number of her good friends that are still strong! Basically we actually got Theber to come this week...he didn´t slack but actually showed up! It was a little tricky to get him to church basically we had to call him and go get him and then he still almost didn't make it. It was good he was there. I had to give a talk. The branch pres. didn't know and a Stake guy was coming and he just showed up and said he was going to give a talk, so my comp had to move his talk to next week. t Jaime the old branch pres. talked and it was great. He taught gospel principles and as soon as it was over he went into an interview and he was in it until after priesthood and after our meeting councelho do ramo. Basically it was probably close to 2 hours, then he came out and was like "elders can i talk to you?" so we went into a room with him and he was like, I just have one question did you guys feel the spirit when I was talking and during my class?. We said of course cause it was great and he said "I just needed to hear it from people who don´t lie" then he thanked us and walked out. It was super duper weird! We still haven't figured out what happened. 
There is an 8 yr old that will be baptized this weekend which will be super cool...named Inês. Things with the companion are great. He is super duper awesome! Basically a super English is getting even more destroyed. It is super funny. Vera is having heart problems now and is going to the hospital. Theber is going good. Conceiçao is possibly moving to a different area. and Ana is still not wanting to get baptized because her husband is super catholic and not wanting to move on. We are going into a finding focus now to get people stacked for the end of the transfer. 

Tell Hudson congrats for me! Is Parker getting married here soon as well? I feel like everyone i know is. Have you heard anything about Lisa?  I haven´t herd from her in a really long time! haha good to hear that dad is looking into a car for me! :) i like the sound of that.

I got the package thank you a ton!! I love mike and ikes!!! and the cookies look super duper good!!

I love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. when you guys come can you bring peanut butter and a maple syrup extract thing. Basically she really really wants some...maybe send some but it is more expensive probably and she doesn´t need it really soon.

Hey daddio!!

We did have a pretty awesome experience this week. We went and visited an inactive lady who has kids that need to be baptized and basically there is a kid that needs to be baptized in the house...but there is a little monster there that really caused some problems cause he is like 6 and only talks nonsense about pee and poo and stupid stuff. He was the most irreverent kid ever.  Jaime came with us and he taught super well to all the ages there and then the mom asked for a blessing and it was cool cause the little kid was like "iIwant one!" So we gave him one and it was a miracle to see how as soon as Jaime started saying the blessing it was amazing because the kid sat silent and also let us give the whole family a blessing without moving off the chair or saying anything. The whole family was amazed!! Because he is never quiet and never stops moving and he was completely different.It was awesome! It was a great faith booster for the small family. Theber is still progressing to be baptized on the 7th but we will see. This week a little girl named Inês will be baptized on the 27th.

I do remember the car shows! That is super awesome! I heard you have started looking for cars for me..what kinda rig are you thinking i need? wow that is cool that there was eclipse...i want to see one some one day!! haha i bet mom is freaking out! I can´t believe how crazy fast this time is going...i started throwing things i don´t need away today so i can make it in as small of bags as possible!!

Thanks daddio!! I love you tons!!!