Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 23, 2010

I am not going to lie turning in my papers and everything I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into all of this. And the first 3 weeks were awful because it was so not what I expected. I want Tyler to know what to expect so he can be more prepared and can really get the most out of his MTC experience no matter where he gets called to go. I have finally figured it out and I wish someone had prepped me for it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it now that I got my head around it!! There is nothing better than being here in the MTC and getting pumped to go out and baptize a whole nation! Tell Tyler that I want to make him a life changing promise. Have him write me.

Guess what is super sad!? Next week (so when you get this) I will be the only one left here. Tim is gone; Chris and Brett leave on Monday and Tuesday. Brody is the Peru MTC! So I will know Brandon Lowe but he leaves the next week I think. But then I leave a week after him which is super weird! I don’t know enough Portuguese to leave! We taught out first full lesson in Portuguese on Thursday and I struggled through it. I got to say hi to Brother Huber though!!

My dad sent me a picture of my truck today. I am upset with him. He just put new tires/rocker panels and he put a leveling kit on it! I wanted him to do that stuff before I left and he said he was just gonna sell it so he wouldn’t do it!

Now I’ll tell you about the days here. Today is P-day, the absolute best day of the week. We wake up do nothing ‘til breakfast then we eat and do laundry. After laundry we start writing letters. This week I don’t have very many letters. Because no one loves me or something. Jk ;) After some letters we eat lunch. It’s only 12 now so I haven’t gone that far yet today. Then we have more whatever time. I actually just took a time out from writing you and got my haircut. It looks like when I left. Normally we would get to go to the temple but it’s closed so we just sit around and write or take naps! After dinner we have Irmao nelson for 2 hours. Then we plan with our companions for tomorrow, which is pointless cause it is already all set. They just want to build habits. Saturday is an interesting day! We wake up, get ready, go to the classroom for MDT (missionary directed time) in which we study! Then go to breakfast, and then have Nelson after lunch. Then we have Sister Permann ‘til dinner. After we eat we have more MDT for personal, language and companion study until 9:00 when we plan. Basically everyday is just like that. The teachers change when they come but pretty much that is all we do here! On Tuesdays and Sundays we have devotionals which are always so awesome! I won’t go through everyday cause that would take you so so long to read and it would take me years to write!

Alright, moving on...um…I feel like all I do is eat, go to class, sleep. We have been attempting to have English fasts and only speak Portuguese. They are super hard and we never make it all the way through them. Our favorite word is esquelo which means squirrel. We use it all the time!

So I have to tell you about this! Right now in my room there are 12 elders and they are all talking about Pokemon. It is so ridiculous! They have been talking for like 30 minutes about this. They are all completely insane! I am sure we have all lost our minds completely!!

Oh something else exciting that happened! Since I was the first one in my room I got to pick which bed I wanted so I switched my comp. I picked the furthest from the door and the bottom bunk. So this week I switched and now I am on the top and it is actually kinda scary and fun at the same time! I have never had a bunk bed and have never been so cold at night but they increased the heater so I have started sleeping a lot better!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 19, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

Ola!! It is true I only have 3 weeks left in the MTC and it is super super scary!! I leave on the 17th!

Thanks Mom for the cinnamon rolls, they are all gone but they were yummy! I have some exciting things going on here. I weighed myself and I am now 151, so I have gained 7 pounds!! Also we have been having English fast days where all we speak is Portuguese. They were really silent at first, but now we just spout random words. Most of which are made up!We have gotten to where we really have lots or Portuguese in class. It's overwhelming but it will come.

As far as health and home sickness feel I am doing a lot better. I am not really very homesick anymore! I was sorta for a long time but we had a speaker come to us and talk to us about how at home we don't have a life and how no one wants us at home right now anyways. It was really good and really got me pumped for missionary work!!
I hope all is going well! Remind Dad to put me in for hunts and to be REALLY careful with my clubs! Keep me updated on sports and stuff!!

Love ya-
Elder Bushnell

Friends for Life!

June-July 2010 MTC

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teachers at the MTC

This is going to seem to start kind of abrupt but Bronson was talking about some of the stuff I'd written him about what I had been doing. They'd be boring. haha :)

"I see Brett almost everyday. Chris is a floor above me in class. I also see Brody a lot but he is going to the Peru MTC pretty soon! Tim is gone now. He left on Tuesday. It is so crazy!
Alright as far as my week. Um the language is really hard. I am trying and really working hard so I know the Lord will help me. The MTC is actually really good. I am being honest. I still have struggles throughout the day but really it is not bad. I have gained 8 pounds. I fell like the weeks have gone so fast. I can't believe that I have been here a month already! I am 1/24 done with the most amazing 2 years of my life. The elders in my district are super cool and are so nice! We are all so tight. I can already tell I have 13 friends for the rest of my life. my MTC life is mostly boring. We have gym which is at the field because they are redoing the bleachers in the actual gym. We then spend like 20 minutes eating then we shower and go to class for like 4 hours until lunch. Then more class then dinner and more class! The order of the day depends on which day of the week. I will tell you about my teachers now for a little. We have 3 instead of 1 or 2 and i am not exactly sure why. I think just cause we are awesome or something! We have Irmao Nelson, Irma early and Irma Permann. (Allison insert. I looked it up and Irma is sister and Irmao is brother). Irmao Nelson or Irma Permann are my favorite. Nelson served his mission in Lisbon so he has cool stories and things that really relate to what we are going to do. he is like 5'4" and looks just like Dash from The Incredibles!

He is way chill and really explains Portuguese well! Irma Early is scary. She served in the Porto mission but she doesn't explain very well and is always very serious and not fun! Actually yesterday she laughed at our joke and it was super weird. We were talking about getting invited to her wedding and meeting her kids once we got back and Elder Thredgold (who is just like Austin Anderson) said "I wanna nab your kids." And she laughed. We thought she was going to freak out and kill him. He also was proud of her at one point and said "That's my girl" and she laughed so hard and we were all nervous and thought she had lost her mind. I think it is because she a a date last night. Sister Permann doesn't speak any Portuguese but she still is way awesome.She is just way nice and really seems like a very normal person. She really just seems to really care for each and every one of us. She teaches us mostly about the actual lessons and stuff.

I have a challenge for you! Starting on Wednesday the 21st I challenge you to r
ead the entire Book of Mormon in 63 days! I don't know what day that is but I promise you that if you really do it and pray before you start reading everyday you will become so much closer to our Savior. You will be directed and guided more in your life than ever before. The world and its loudness won't affect how close you can become to your Savior Jesus Christ. It is so amazing to feel his love and guidance all day here!

I hope you accept my challenge and I hope to hear from you very soon!

-Elder Bushnell"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 9, 2010 Thanks Allison for sharing

This weekend has been so cool. I had to write and tell you about it. My companion is sick again so I am waiting in the medical clinic. Anyways where do I start…Tuesday the 22nd we had a devotional and my great uncle spoke! He gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost and conversion. My favorite quote was something about how the purpose of a missionary isn’t to unite people with the Church but to convert them to the Lord. While I am talking about devotionals, on Fiday night we got to hear from Elder Oaks. In this meeting 8 of the 12 apostles were there, Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Elder Holland, Elder Cook, Elder Anderson, and Elder Christopherson, and a bunch of other cool people.

Elder Oaks talked about how this is the ONLY true living church in the world. He gave three points on why we are the only true church. We have the fullness of the doctrine of Cristo; we know the purpose of life, the full atonement, the resurrections, the pre and post life. (Sorry about writing Christ in Portuguese). He also told us how we need to “quit worrying about learning the language or about knowing what is and isn’t the spirit. Press forward with faith and keep the commandments and you will get blessed with it.

We watched a cool video from Elder Bednar which had a ton of cool things. My favorite thing he said was, “profound spiritual feelings are small, simple feelings; when we are DOING not sitting.” He also said and promised that if we are good boys and girls remember and honor covenants and keep the commandments. We are promised that our steps will be guided, our words inspired and we cannot go amiss. What an amazing promise. I have by struggling teaching by the spirit. I never know what is me and what is the spirit.

He said one last thing that I loved. “Our temples are concerned with the reality of our belief in immortality.” One more… “The miracles of the atonement are INCOMPREHENSABLE.” For some reason when he said that I felt the spirit so strong. It was amazing.

Now Sunday...holy smokes!! Because the General Authorities were here we had a combined meeting and it was so cool. I walked into the gym and there were five long tables and 16 elders ready to break and bless the sacrament. There were 20 elders passing and each one had 2 trays. I go the feeling for when Christ fed the multitudes bread and fish. It was awesome.

-Elder Bushnell

July 9, 2010

Dear Family and Friends-

This week has been going pretty good! I am doing great! I am struggling with the Portuguese and stuff. It’s crazy that Austin is already home!! He doesn't seem much older than I am!! I can already say it goes fast on Wednesday I only have 100 weeks! I have heard you learn concepts in the MTC about language but really don’t learn it till the first couple months.

I have seen Chris and Brett and Tim and we are all going to try to get picture but Tim leaves super soon because he is only here for 3 weeks so we need to do it soon!!

Ha ha…Mom I bet you are really sore from wakeboarding, wakeboarding uses totally different muscles that are weird at first. When I get home we will have to have a big family reunion at the lake with all of us.

Tell Barb I am sorry that her car broke and it cost her so much to fix it! That is awful! She definitely needs to get a new one now!! I think she would like the Nissan Xterra! It is a lot like her jeep but cooler!

I can't really think of anything else that I need. I will figure out the best way to send the belt and the backpack home to you I heard it maybe free for me to send it to the Postmart place then you can pick it up from there for free. Along with the stationary I need envelopes that have my MTC address and apparently instead of leaving on the 18th we are leaving the 17th just so you know.

I know that this will go fast and it already is starting to fly I am like halfway done with the MTC! I am already like a month in and months at home took SOOOO long but here they fly!! How are you and dad holding up? How about sisters? How is Allison doing? She is writing me and sent me a package today but I think she would tell me she is good even if she wasn't really.

We have some Portuguese everyday but we are just learning rules we aren’t doing like vocabulary so it is hard cause we have to do vocabulary by ourselves. We have PE daily we usually have 2 classes with teachers and then one class that is Missionary Directed Time where we do companion and personal study!

I am taking some pictures here and I can print them or load them on the computer and email them home or I can send my little card in a letter I haven't filled one up yet so I haven't needed to send any but I will pretty soon. All is going well and I am really starting to enjoy it here...it’s hard being so close to home I think though cause I sit in class and look at the temple and know Allison’s grandparents live right behind it. Or I sit in my study place and look at the Y and where I shot my deer this last year.

I am glad to hear no one lost fingers during the 4th of July and that everything is going well!

Thank you!! I love you TONS!!!!! Thank you for all your support on this big adventure I am going on!!!

Elder Bushnell

P.S. Tell Todd and Eric if they are still teaching Mission Prep that they should focus on teaching with good QUESTIONS!!! It is so important!!

If you could tell whichever friends you see that my P-day is Friday and that I need the letters they are sending by then so I can write back it would be great.

Family I know I have been here for a couple weeks but I am going to extend the same challenge my district is doing...READ the WHOLE Book of Mormon by the time I leave. I know that I have a head start but I think you guys can all do it!!! It is amazing! I have never enjoyed the book as much as I do here in the MTC!!