Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hey mommy!!

It was great to talk to you guys. You guys seemed to hang in really well and not cry! :) Five weeks is super easy! haha Carter is a cute little munchkin! It is so weird, when he left he was just a few months old and was just like any baby..ate...pooped...slept..that is about it. But now he talks and walks and colors and does everything! I will try to take a picture for him soon of Bronsy next to a train!!  He is a smart little guy!

We are going to teach a lot of people this week we are going to try to baptize Vera, Theber, Conceição, and Ana here in the near future.

For your lesson about prayer use the talk by Elder Kendrick a long time ago but it explains very well how prayer should work. I used it a week ago in a training I had to give. Here is the link:


It is a super good talk and explains really well the 3 p´s of receiving revelation in our lives!

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell


It was great talking to you! You guys look a lot better than last Christmas...right after the accident! I am really doing great! I haven´t had any real problems with being trunky. All the members say I am doing a lot better than the others elders that have finished here! Thanks for the words of support and I will do my best!! :)

Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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