Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey Mommy!!!

This week was great! It was a crazy battle but we were able to baptize a lady named Ana. I will include pictures as well. It was a battle because we marked her on Wednesday to be baptized on Sunday right after church....well we had great reason to believe she was breaking some commandments because she always talked about "a friend" she has that does lots of things bad but she never had any we thought maybe she was using friend as a cover but she was asked TONS of hard very direct questions in the interview and she passed...well we did a division on Saturday so the Zone Leaders could do our interview and we got stuck not getting back to our area until like 6:30-7 so then we are trying to play a whole baptism starting at like 7. She is a big lady so we could not find clothes in our we started freaking out...we called the other elders who went to their chapel at like 10 and broke into the clothes closet trying to find something huge for her...well they thought they found something so we woke up early on Sunday...after staying in the chapel until like 10 to get programs and everything worked out...members probably hate us because we called to ask them to give talks at like 945 the night before...its all good. But so we got up early and went to the other elders chapel...and they didn´t have anything that was going to at starts at 9:30 but at 8:15 we call the relief society president and tell her the problem...she says "i will call a family right now that is "sufficiently strong" and ask them to bring some clothes" she called back and said she thought she had it solved. So we go to church and the people who were supposed to give her a ride show up without her...she never showed up...they waited for like 20 minutes. So we call and call and get a member ready to take us over the middle of priesthood (priesthood is first here now) and finally she answers and i guess they had a sick kid in the night and slept in but her husband gave her a ride then everything went really well after that but man it was madness!! I am super tired!!

Wow i can´t believe Tony is an elder already...crazy!! I realized that my comp will have 9 months in the mission this week and i will have 9 months left in the mission this week...weird! Dad did tell me you guys bought one but i haven´t heard anything else about it and i never got a picture or anything. Haha i am proud of you for surviving camping!!

The weather here is still pretty warm...i can´t believe how fast summer has is really flying by! I doubt i will need more warm things....i have only worn a long sleeve shirt 2 or 3 full days in my mission so far. It isn´t really ever super cold...just rainy...i have never been up north in the winter though so who knows.

I did get the package with the journal and the was ripped open and like stuck in a bigger plastic bag with a note saying it got to the mail people here like had 2 things of pills, journal, teeth stuff, and rootbeer barrels right? i think that was all it had when i got it.

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you lots!!!

Elder Bushnell

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