Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hey mommy!!

This week was pretty exciting we did a lot of good stuff...we got everything figured out and now are ready to get rolling here in a little bit! Elder Carpenter was born and lived in Santa Clara Utah until he was like 8 and then he moved to North Carolina but lives in West Virginia now. He states he is from West Virginia but grew up in Santa Clara. He has like 8 months in the mission now and he was in the same district as Elder Barr, but he speaks a lot better than elder Barr. He is really cool. Probably my favorite companion was elder Roundy. He was super cool! My favorite area would be Setúbal. I learned SOO much when i was there. I went in a perfect time in my mission and the bishopric there is super awesome! The workouts are going pretty well, my comp is a wrestler and loves working out so he is going to start doing them with me and getting me really into it!

Yeah it is super crazy that it is already Labor Day...time has gone so super fast! Haha you are going camping? that actually is really funny! I think you better tell Todd and his family  to plan another one when i get back. Fairview huh? is dad planning on fishing?  you are going to love camping mom....okay that is hard to see in my mind but somehow it will be fun for you!

I am getting more and more nervous as the time gets closer...i know i still have a little while but it still scares me to think that i have a real big scary life to get back to...i kinda like the simplicity and everything of this one....of course lots of days are buggers and really hard but its not too bad...and college...ugh....not sounding fun one bit!

Well thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

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