Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey Mommy Dear!!

I am in the city of Santarém. Which is a pretty big city that is like an hour from Lisbon. It is a cool place....there are lots of people and lots of buildings. It will be sort of a rough transfer because my companion has been here for 3 transfers and basically knocked all the buildings already. it will be good though he is super cool! His name is Elder Boone Hansen from Richmond utah...up north. He is super awesome. We are also living with the zone leaders who are Elder Deffense from California and Elder Tanner from Ogden area as well...i think hanksville? The house got cleaned up really nice today...it is a really big house but just needs a DEEP cleaning. The address here is:

Elder Bronson Bushnell
Avenida Bernardo Santareno
Lote 4    5º Direito
Santarém 2005-117

As for the Christmas package i really don´t need anything mom...i have WAY more stuff than i need and more stuff than i can carry around....my bags at transfers were STUFFED and one handle is kinda starting to fall off cause it was super heavy. It is all good though...i will end up staying here for a while i think. I have tons of candy from that package and i have all the clothes i need.

I don´t really even know what to say about your week....i am super glad that all of you guys are okay!! I was thinking my week was kinda rough...lots of walking and not a lot of success....but you guys win for sure! I am super grateful to hear that everyone will survive and that all are recuperating very nicely. Man that is super scary...you guys did have a super fun thanksgiving. We didn´t do anything special here...it was basically as if it didn´t happen. I really don´t even know what to say but i am super grateful that everyone is doing okay and i am constantly praying for you all!! i guess this puts a dent in dads duck hunt this season...bummer!!

Thanks for everything you guys do for me and i know that you are praying for me because i have been in a lot of situations where you all pop into my head and give me great confort and releif knowning that here in a little bit i will get to see you all again and that we will make lots of good memories hopefully without car crashes! 

Love you-
Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddio!

Man it sounds like you really did have a rough Thanksgiving. I am super glad to hear that everything is okay and that you are recuperating pretty fast from what mom said....i guess it was probably the thanksgiving that made you the most grateful for the small things you have right? It is crazy to see how fast things can change...from one second to another God can humble us in amazing ways! It is sad cause last week i was super sad i was not with you all on the beach but i guess now i am not so sad and kinda glad...not really cause it is sad that you guys had to experience that. Wow that is super crazy story...i am glad that everyone is okay and that you are all healing nicely! It is true the only real thing that matters is that you have about 6 months to get all better before i get home and want to go on more adventures with my daddio!! :)

Transfers was super boring compared to your week. I got the package and really like this book! I already have like 5 pages of notes and onlly have gotten to page 47. It is really good! I caught a train for like 2 hours and then jumped off in an area i had never been too! It was super awesome. My companion is Elder Boone Hansen from Richmond area in northern utah. He is in his 6th transfer. He is cool, i really like him. We have some good investigators. We marked a brazilian family of mom and 2 kids for this upcoming saturday...which will be cool! We also have some others but will need to find...which will be the hard part. He has already been here for 3 transfers going on 4. It is a really cool area with lots of buildings and lots of people. We live in the same house as the Zoneys...who are Surfer bum Elder Deffense from Cali. and Elder Tanner from Huntsville utah...also up north. They are super cool and it will be a really fun transfer.

Thanks for everything you do for me dad and get feeling better soon! I am praying for you a lot!! (i have bald spots/calases on my knees) I love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

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