Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey mommy dear,

I am doing just dandy. I don´t really have any big complaints. Our week was okay we had 2 in church and had like 9 new investigators in the week. The other elders had 2 baptisms which we got to help out a lot in. I got to do an interview in Romanian which was pretty crazy. Our baptism fell through randomly...she had to suddenly go to Spain. The comp is really cool. He is really nice and a really hard worker. I think we are really close to getting in some really good success. The other elders are great...one is dying this transfer (going home) The house is actually pretty dirty...the bathroom is super gross but i think i might attack it this week.

You guys really did have a crazy week. That is cool you have his cell phone number...he is super nice. I do know that if something happens president finds out super fast and then he sends the AP´s or he makes a visit to that elder to tell them what is going on. yeah that sounds like dad not wanting to go to the Hospital. that doctor is super cool. I never met him but i met his wife and his daughter. we watched some super cheesy movie and his house. It is good to hear that the ward is really putting forth a great effort to help you all out. We are having issues with that here. We have a blind guy that no one picks up for church....it is just a ride but they wont give it to him...he is a member from a while ago and had an accident. But he listens to talks all the time he is cool. But anyways i am glad to hear that everything is going okay! And if i am not mistaken someones bday is like today! i hope you have a happy one! how old are you now?! Are you doing anything cool for your bday!!?

So from what i have heard we can Skype. so if you want to set up an account for me that would be great. We are going to talk to some members and find someone that will let us use their computers. Thanks for everything mommy! Oh by the way i don´t know how email will work next Monday it might be on Tuesday cause we are having our Mission Christmas Party. Which will be crazy to see ALL the missionaries in our mission together...well without the açores. Thanks for everything mommy! I love you!!

Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddio!!

My new companion and I are doing really great! We are getting along really well...we are learning really fast to trust in the Lord to know exactly where to go. This has been his 4th transfer so he will have served almost 1/4th of his mission here in this area....basically he has already knocked like the whole city. It is cool to see that really the Lord knows exactly what he does and how he does it. He knows exactly when his son will leave his house and be on a certain street right when we need to pass by. The Lord has everything really well planned out but it falls on us to do what he says....i feel like a secret agent sometimes because God will reveal to us where we need to be at a certain time and if we are not there...his battle plan against the grasp of Satan gets destroyed and we will have to try again another day. The area here is really cool. It has a lot of really big buildings which is nice because in Gaia it was really just houses which are always weirder to knock. This week was kinda a bummer...we had the Brazilian family marked for baptism for Saturday the 3rd. But on Wednesday we got a text that said "I had to go to Spain i will be back on Sunday." we tried calling and tried calling but she never answered then when she got out of the country the phone stops working. It came back on Sunday night but she didn´t answer...we are going to try to talk to them today to see what is going on and see why she had to go and what exactly happened. But it was a sad week after that.

Something cool/crazy that happened...the zone leaders that live with us had 2 baptisms and since i am the district leader i get to do the interviews...well they are teaching a lot of Romanians....who don´t speak a lot of Portuguese and no English. One lady spoke Portuguese well enough that i did the interview in Portuguese but the guy...wow what an adventure. I had to do the interview with a translator. It was a crazy interview and i actually was able to ask a whole question in Romanian...we have started studying it a lot more in our house cause there are a lot of them here. Elder Deffense actually speaks it kinda well...he can say like whole prayers in Romanian. Umm so the second interview i did the guy is named Cristiano and he has lots of health problems...he can´t stand up at all....he can walk once someone helps him up and our chapel here is really weird but had stairs into the basement were the font is and also were the gospel principles classes are. So we had to carry him down stairs and had to lift him up into the weird font...it is like a little swimming pool and has like a ladder thing to get into it. We had to have 2 people in the water and then have 2 other to help lift him. He isn´t a very heavy person because he has like no muscle. He was super happy when he came out of the water though....it was super amazing to see the feelings he felt inside shown on his face.

Anyways, wow sounds like you are just having all sorts of fun hanging out in the hospital! I am sorry that you have had all these super crazy issues. I am praying for you constantly. One cool thing...that Dr. Cook that did your surgery has the COOLEST room in his house i have ever seen. I think i told you but i hung out one day at his house with some of my friends that are friends with his daughter and he has on the side of his house a room that is circular and goes up at least 2 stories maybe 3 but it has a spiral staircase around the outside and the walls are painted like a sage green and he has TONS of animals...deer, antelope, moose, basically everything you can think of...on the walls as you go up...it is super cool! Maybe you can make friends with him and we can go visit sometime...it is like one of the coolest rooms ever.

I hope you get feeling better and know that i love you tons and am always praying for you!!


Elder Bushnell

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