Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teachers at the MTC

This is going to seem to start kind of abrupt but Bronson was talking about some of the stuff I'd written him about what I had been doing. They'd be boring. haha :)

"I see Brett almost everyday. Chris is a floor above me in class. I also see Brody a lot but he is going to the Peru MTC pretty soon! Tim is gone now. He left on Tuesday. It is so crazy!
Alright as far as my week. Um the language is really hard. I am trying and really working hard so I know the Lord will help me. The MTC is actually really good. I am being honest. I still have struggles throughout the day but really it is not bad. I have gained 8 pounds. I fell like the weeks have gone so fast. I can't believe that I have been here a month already! I am 1/24 done with the most amazing 2 years of my life. The elders in my district are super cool and are so nice! We are all so tight. I can already tell I have 13 friends for the rest of my life. my MTC life is mostly boring. We have gym which is at the field because they are redoing the bleachers in the actual gym. We then spend like 20 minutes eating then we shower and go to class for like 4 hours until lunch. Then more class then dinner and more class! The order of the day depends on which day of the week. I will tell you about my teachers now for a little. We have 3 instead of 1 or 2 and i am not exactly sure why. I think just cause we are awesome or something! We have Irmao Nelson, Irma early and Irma Permann. (Allison insert. I looked it up and Irma is sister and Irmao is brother). Irmao Nelson or Irma Permann are my favorite. Nelson served his mission in Lisbon so he has cool stories and things that really relate to what we are going to do. he is like 5'4" and looks just like Dash from The Incredibles!

He is way chill and really explains Portuguese well! Irma Early is scary. She served in the Porto mission but she doesn't explain very well and is always very serious and not fun! Actually yesterday she laughed at our joke and it was super weird. We were talking about getting invited to her wedding and meeting her kids once we got back and Elder Thredgold (who is just like Austin Anderson) said "I wanna nab your kids." And she laughed. We thought she was going to freak out and kill him. He also was proud of her at one point and said "That's my girl" and she laughed so hard and we were all nervous and thought she had lost her mind. I think it is because she a a date last night. Sister Permann doesn't speak any Portuguese but she still is way awesome.She is just way nice and really seems like a very normal person. She really just seems to really care for each and every one of us. She teaches us mostly about the actual lessons and stuff.

I have a challenge for you! Starting on Wednesday the 21st I challenge you to r
ead the entire Book of Mormon in 63 days! I don't know what day that is but I promise you that if you really do it and pray before you start reading everyday you will become so much closer to our Savior. You will be directed and guided more in your life than ever before. The world and its loudness won't affect how close you can become to your Savior Jesus Christ. It is so amazing to feel his love and guidance all day here!

I hope you accept my challenge and I hope to hear from you very soon!

-Elder Bushnell"

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