Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010


It is how crazy fast the time has gone! I feel like Elder Curtis wasn't gone for very long! Todd hasn’t been home for very long at all its super crazy!! My sore throat is a little better i still have a runny nose which is funny because everyone here has some other random cure for runny noses. The weirdest I have heard was orange juice with cayan pepper?! I didn´t try it but they this crazy old man said it works great. We have found a few people but the work this week has been super hard...we met a lot with recent converts and less actives! We are trying to get references from members but its not working very well at all. They all say they will do work with us but they mostly bail out and say they don´t have anyone when the time comes.

It is super weird that Thursday I will be 1/4th of the way done with my it is super fast! I can´t believe it! Also next week is transfers so try not to send anything to the Loulé address this week cause I probably will be transferred. Elder Walker who was in the office last transfer said he is betting I go to the Azores. I want to but man the work is super hard out there and they don´t speak Portuguese they speak with CRAZY accents its so hard to understand them!! I really want to go out there in like April though.

Well this week like I said we didn't have a lot of new investigators or things we mainly taught member lessons. We did have Fernando in church which was super good!! It was great that he finally came! Elder Braithwaite and I contacted him one day FOREVER ago! Also sad news...Elder Bell my old comp went home a week ago. He told president that he was sick and so they took him to the hospital they couldn’t find anything so he went home to get better treatment.

My thought for the family this week is very simple:

We know that Jesus Christ did more in this world than we can even comprehend..the atonement is something that mankind can´t understand here in this life. We can study and study about the life of Christ and everything he did for us but really we can´t ever comprehend his power and glory and the opportunities he gave to us.

In John 21:25- we learn that He did a lot of other things for us and that if they were all written down the WORLD would not be big enough to hold them all...we only have 2 right now. The Book of Mormon and the Bible that really testify of Christ! We have a lot to be grateful for! This Christmas time is a good time to give thanks for the few bood we have. The few books that have given our lives a light that can´t be hid and joy that we can´t find anywhere else in this world!!

Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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