Monday, December 6, 2010


Hey Family!!

My week this week was super slow and not really that exciting...we had a lot of lessons fall through and not a lot of super exciting things happened. We are trying to find new people to baptize this week but its kinda hard right now cause no one wants to be out in the streets cause they think its cold...which it kinda is...mostly cause the rain and cause they don´t have heaters at all...only like space heaters...and ours is broken. We are going to buy a new one today and we had to give away our microwave (a member let us borrow one for like 2 years) so we will buy a new one today also.

Thanks for finding that book for me! I knew that the BYU bookstore had them...Allison bought mine their before my mission. I tried to find them but I couldn't anywhere. That address is correct...I think that one is better for packages because its not just a box thing...its like the actual office so its could use Lisboa instead of Lisbon but its basically the same thing one is just in Portuguese. The N with the degree sign is a short way to write Numero which is Number in English so yes Nº is correct. :)

That is super cool that Amber and Jordan might get to adopt those two girls...they are cute little munchins!! That would be super duper cool! Do they feel like they are ready for two children already...from 0 to 2 that are both like 2 years old is a BIG change! One thing about living here is that almost everyone has a baby in the house but some are in horrible situations it is super sad to see! especially when the people tell us that they don´t need anything cause obviously they do!!

I am super glad you had such an amazing birthday! Yesterday was also the birthday of our branch president here so we talked about our mommies together it was fun! He shared stories and I tried to share stories but my Portuguese is still rough when talking about in the past. They conjugate verbs super weird in the past. wow 19 days huh? that is super soon! I am excited!! I hope I can speak by then...I have a cold and have had a hard time talking for a few days now...I think its getting better but its hard to speak Portuguese cause they use there nose a lot for some noises and its hard without a nose! But I also have a sore throat which makes talking in general super hard but I am excited!! Hopefully I won´t use too many Portuguese words when we talk! Here with other elders I speak a mix of English and Portuguese cause some words are easier in Portuguese than in English!

Thanks for all the support and love!!
Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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