Saturday, December 25, 2010


Good Morning!!

You do get to talk to me in a few more days!! I was talking to the others about it and you get to call this number on Christmas..I am not sure what time...possibly like 10:00 AM which is like 5:00PM here. Elder Walker says that if its the same as last here it will work out well but I still have no idea! I will let you know if it is different! The number is (351) 918-101-138.
We are all going to the mission home today for a conference and will go to our NEW areas on Tuesday or Wednesday depending.

As for the work this week was super rough cause we had divisions with other elders and things so it was tricky but our recent converts are dong great they are still pushing on super strong! We haven´t taught a lot of new people but we are still pushing on!

I am super glad to hear that all there is moving on! Lots of snow? Its raining here almost every day! Its just super fun...not. But it could be worse! I didn't burn anything for my 6th month mark..I should have...then I would have more space in my bags...they are SUPER full right now! I got my transfer call today and i am going to Portimão to serve with Elder Roundy who was in the MTC with me! So another one the exact same age as me!! I am stoked! He is from PROVO and he is super cool!!

I did teach a bunch of gypsy's in a barraca..which is like a tent was an experience! The house is actually a wood frame but then has like plastic and tin metal sheet things around the outside...its like a clubhouse a kid would make it was an adventure!

I am excited to talk to you this week!! Have a great week!!

Here is the new Address!!
Rua Poeta João Braz
Lote 9 1º Frt
Edificio Paraiso
Portimão 8500-720

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