Monday, January 24, 2011



Well the last week was an adventure but also it was good! The biggest stresses were just working with people and having lessons fall through so we didn't have a lot to do and when a missionary isn't teaching he gets grumpy...its weird but Roundy and I are getting along great and we are staying positive! The next transfers are on the first and second so next week! So hold off on sending anything until you know if I am staying or not...most likely I will stay but Roundy will go...but no one knows! We are going to Lisbon this week to listen to somebody from the area presidency which will be fun! I like long bus rides...not...we do get to watch a movie during it though! :)

Our investigators are progressing very well! Alpha speaks Creole which is a weird mix of Portuguese and some African dialect. He understands VERY little so its hard to teach him! We have 2 ladies that are progressing super well! Dora has a lot of JW (?) friends but is deciding between our church and the Jehovah´s witnesses...she doesn't like some of the things they have but she also doesn't know any of our commandments yet so we will see! We meet with them on Wednesday! The branch here is pretty good at feeding us...we get fed a couple times a week normally. i am not eating as good this transfer as last but still eating good! :) Lots more grilled cheese sandwiches! :)

I am glad Ellie likes that shirt! I hope you guys like the silly fish thing...can you buy codfish in the US? I hope Lexi will still be around when i get home...we have a small barbecue and a bag of coal outside our sliding glass door in our house and sometimes i double take cause its a big black/brown thing right outside the window!

I did hear that our ward got all mixed up! Its so weird! I don´t know if i like it yet! I liked RR2!! But i guess this way makes a lot more sense!

Glad to hear Wade was able to get another good job!

It has been really cold here as well..starting Saturday night its been cold and raining so i finally had to bust out the big jacket for the first time this transfer.

Thanks mommy!! Love you TONS!!

Elder Bushnell

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