Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011 Pictures

I thought I would send you guys some cool pictures of this castle that I stormed last Monday in Lisbon! It is on a huge hill right above Lisbon so in the picture with the cannon that is Lisbon and the big bridge and the Cristo Rei which is Christ King statue on the hill in the back (which is hard to see in this picture I will send others later!!) It was a cool castle with an INCREDIBLE view of all of Lisbon and everything it was awesome! I have like the whole castle recorded so you can see it all and won´t need to go to it. haha jk.

This week was absolutely crazy!! I was in Lisbon until Tuesday night we worked Wednesday, Thursday and then we went to Faro for Zone Conference then an AP came back with us till Sunday and I think he thought he would come down here use his experience and baptize our progressing investigators but he basically murdered a lesson with one of them and wasn´t able to convice anyone better than us, so it made me feel a lot better about myself! :) We had 5 people in church and 3 are super new investigators that will be baptised here in a little bit if everything works according to the plan!

Love you all-
Elder Bushnell

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