Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey! Happy New Year!!

My first full week in Portimão was super duper fast but it was super good! Our investigators are all out of town for the holidays and stuff so it was super hard to find anything to do! It was super duper hard week! We taught some good lessons to Mario is an older guy who is super close to baptism but he is really struggling getting over the fact that his catholic baptism isn´t valid! It is super weird! We had to teach Gospel Principles but normally we dont have to do anything at all! They are in the middle of calling a new person to teach it. I haven´t had to and probably won´t ever have to give one in this branch!

It will for sure be a super exciting year! The new year celebrations in Portimão were supposedly super huge but no one told us that we could actually stay up until 12:30 so we went to bed on time! Apparently they had super huge fireworks and stuff thought... I am upset I didn´t get to see it! We went to bed on time and slept through it all!! New years is probably bigger than Christmas here in Portugal!

We didn´t have any investigators in church but we taught some good lessons this week but they are all sort of struggling with their own problems! We do have a lot of members that are willing to feed us! We have an appointment to eat American pancakes and buttermilk I am super excited! We got a new fridge and its super cool! Its way fancy and works super well!

Good to hear that everything is going along great! I wondered if Barb would be coming down because she normally does! How was New Year’s for you guys? I’ve got a funny story… Elder Roundy and I were trying to learn new words and he wanted to know how to say winter so I told him inverno and he was like "wait what is the difference in hell and winter?" I was like uh....good question..they both are really is hot and one is cold? I sincerely was confused and not thinking he was asking about the word in Portuguese...which is inferno. It was super funny!

My new comp and i are going to absolutely rock Portimao we are a lot alike so we get along super well!!

I am in Lisbon right now renewing my Visa it’s pretty exciting!

Thanks for the support and I hope you guys all have a fantastic week!! :)

Love you-

Elder Bushnell

p.s. My scripture I found this week is Hebrews 13:1

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