Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It wasn´t a super crazy baptism it went fairly well...with colder water but the ocean water here is super cold so she was fine. Almost all of the chapels have fonts. A few in the Algarve don´t have it but they aren´t full buildings owned by the church...they just rent out the bottom floor or something like that.

As for Tyler...the MTC is a super hard place. I am fairly sure that he will have a few more hard times but he will pull through!! He just needs to learn as fast as you can to pray for everything and anything that is bugging him....i think the whole purpose of the MTC is to bring you to a point of cracking so you learn for yourself that the Lord lives and loves us and DOES answer prayers...He is the only one that can help when you are in there.

I still haven´t heard anything about transfers yet...i hope we get our call here soon cause my comp is freaking out...i am fairly sure i will stay but i could very easily move or something wierd could happen...if i was training i think i would know by now but i am not really sure. The northern part of the mission has areas that are really doing great and others that are really will take more that just good missionaries to move this part of the country...the wards are super messed up...the bishoprics are struggling and there have been a lot of interviews happening trying to get things turned around but it will take a little bit.

I will try to get back around to send an email when i know for sure! We left really early this morning to help a family move to England so i haven´t been home to see if the package came yet...i bet it came today. The workouts slacked a little this last week cause we were always super busy and i had to write a talk for church and do 4 interviews and assist a was a super crazy!

Church this week was good...i had to talk..we had a member that basically was having a heart attack..we had to give her a blessing in the foyer of the church during sacrament meeting...she is fine now i think. We had 3 people in church....which wasn´t great. We are passing and finding new investigators a lot.

I love you lots!

Elder Bushnell

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