Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

Well this week was a lot better than the last one!! Filipe was baptized! I will try to send a picture from the chapel today cause it doesn´t work here in the library. We had one other guy that is the husband of a super strong member and he just doesn´t really want to be baptized...hasn´t really ever felt it. Transfers are today and i will be staying one more here with Elder Searle. It might be a little rough to start off here in the beginning...we are close to getting things clicking but it has always been just a little bit off. It is super crazy how after this one i only have 2 more transfers...or basically the next 6 weeks..then 12....then i am home...that is super scary!!

Haha yeah it is the same way here i think...basically when Portuguese people talk to each other they sound like they are arguing but it is done with lots of respect and kinda formal it is weird. I am worried i will come home a be a goober for the first few days as well.

oh man i am sorry for Tyler...i am glad that we have a pretty big mission here....lots of elders and lots of areas really far apart. haha that is funny about the Woolleys not being able to do his laundry and stuff...were you guys that bad? haha You still aren´t used to me being gone yet? I thought you had it all under control. Ya know this transfer is when i need to decided if i am going to extend or not....i believe i could get a double extension..12 more weeks! ;) jk...i know you couldn´t handle me being gone longer.

wow that is crazy about Sarah Hansen...i thought she had already gone into the MTC and everything...that is super Ian Harward playing BYU basketball still? I know he signed before his mission to play...that is a pretty epic couple cause they are both super tall and good ball players. haha thanks for letting me know that i still have some time before getting married....i want to go like a year of being home before even thinking about getting engaged.  i already have learned that girls are the root of all evil...they go and get married! haha It is all good though!!

So on March 6th is the surgery that means you will be kinda in that super fun recovery stage for when you come get me...sounds like a blast for you but hey if you are up for it at least i won´t be the only goober that can´t do all the fun stuff! haha I would say you would be considered a recreational athlete. I don´t know for sure if it is June 19-20 but i am fairly sure because that is when transfers are. I want to say we all go to presidents house on the 19th to sleep then on the 20th they take the elders to get on the planes so i would just wait in the office for you guys to come pick me up or something like that.

yeah i was actually kinda thinking it would be kinda weird if she picked amber and will all work out for the best. Are they closet to finishing the family services stuff?

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!

Elder Bushnell

Hey daddio!!

This week was better! Filipe was BAPTIZED!!! It was super awesome with a lot of members cause we planned it right inbetween the worldwide leadership training and a relief society party and so tons of people just stayed and it went super well!! I will try to send a photo later! we had another guy in church who is an eternal investigator that just needs to be baptized but doesn´t feel the need for it. Our branch is getting a lot better about fellowshipping and they....oh man i don´t think i told you guys...maybe i did but they divided our branch...Elder Searle and I will continue to be a part of the branch of santarém...but group of São Domingos. Basically we staggered the meetings and flipped them so we have priesthood while the real branch has sacrament then we meet together for gospel principles then we go to is kinda wierd and now we only have like 20 people every sunday but it is cool i guess...cause we just didn´t all fit in the chapel together.

How long does it take to get a real estate license? It is like lots of hours yeah?

How many bear points does a person need? i am super excited to go hunting and golfing again.

As for transfers...Elder Searle and I are going to stay together for another one here. Hopefully it goes a lot better than this last transfer has! This one has been too dry and not finding good people. This means that i probably will go at the end of this one and then be in my last area!

Thanks for everything daddio!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

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