Monday, February 20, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

This week went super duper fast...possibly the funniest thing...i learned that it is not a good idea to put a hard boiled egg in the microwave. Tuesday morning i go out to eat breakfast and grab a hard boiled egg...well i was super sick of eating cold ones so i just threw it in a bowl and in the microwave..i didn´t have it in for very long and when i went to take a bite out of exploded and i got like a 2nd degree burn on my top hurt super bad but my first thought was "oh man no one saw that happen" then i thought "that was my last hardboiled egg" then i realized my lip was swelling and getting crazy blisters and kinda tasted like burnt was super awesome but by Friday it looked normal. It was super funny though...i laughed about it for a really long time.

This week at church we had 3 people...we had 2 new people who probably aren´t going to progress very fast because they have lots of issues but maybe we will see then we also have a "dry member" who is the husband of one of the most active members but he just doesn´t feel like he needs to be day he will get it figured out but for now he will be friends with us but doesn´t want to talk about baptism.

that is super crazy that there has not been any real snow this year...probably just saving up for next year when i am there...just my luck. wow that is super awesome that Emily Clayton is going to serve a mission. if you guys are going around painting it sounds like you are feeling well enough to do just about anything.

ugh i don´t really want to worry about school starts in august yeah? That seems like it is going to be tomorrow at the rate time is going right now. I think that sounds fine taking the Portuguese 3050...sounds scary...what if i don´t actually speak at that level...i guess we will find out right. also i can take those classes again if i need to but maybe it would be better if i looked into what i want to be when i grow up...everyday it is different. Some days i still want to go into some sort of law but also i have been thinking about graphic design but what job opportunities do i have with that...i love running computers and making cool designs and logos and stuff but i don´t know if there is a big need for that right now.

What am i going to do for work when i get back? Am i going to go back to the office as secretary? Also i need you to update my facebook...Filipe Bernarndo added me as a friend.

I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell  


We found Filipe knocking doors. He is super awesome and super humble he has gone crazy with the church and studies a lot on his super computer...the other day we went over and he was like "i need your help on the website...i can´t find anything that helps out new people to the church i only see leadership stuff...and i haven´t been called to a position YET so what am i supposed to read for now?" we found the gospel principles book online for him and he has started studying it a lot. He reads at least 20 minutes in the BoM per day. he also studies the teachings of the prophet George Albert Smith. Also i don´t know if i told you but i think i did....Carlos the guy i baptized in setubal baptized his neighbor and got the melq. priesthood! :)

Everything is going really well here. we are getting things figured out and the work is getting better! It will be a good transfer!

Love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

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