Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey mommy!!

This week was sort of depressing...we didn´t have anyone in chuch and Filipe went to a different city for the weekend but he went to the church last night at like 8:00 and was interviewed...which he passed but it was already kinda late and he decided to go against what he felt from God and to move the baptism back until next Saturday...so this week we have our work cut out for us...we have to make sure Satan doesn´t try to pull a fast one and persuade him to not be baptized this week.

We did have some exciting news this week...our branch split the ours because we didn´t fit in the chapel...so now elder searle and i are the elders from the branch of Santarém area of São domingos. We basically just flipped it so that we start 20 minutes after the branch and we start with priesthood then go to gospel principles with the branch...then we go to sacrament meeting while they are in priesthood. With the division we had a lot of empty chairs which made our members realize they had a lot of work that they need to perform to fill the chairs and grow the branch.

That is super wierd that all my cousins are getting married. It would be fun to have all of us at uvu or byu. it will be super weird to have to go back to school...i am not to excited for that....luckly Brett and Chris and Tim will all be in the same boat and getting home at the same time! That is super awesome that Zach is going out earlier!!

Wow i am glad i am not there for that winter...no snow...i hate when it is cold without any snow...for example the past 2 days here have been SOO cold! it is crazy cold...the thermometer says that it is 40ish but it feels a lot colder.

Yeah amber and jordan are in a super crappy phase of not knowing what is going to happen...i hate those times. I will continue to pray for them! everything will work out for the best.  haha Carter sounds like a little goof ball...keep him training though...maybe we will have the next Jimmer. :)

well thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. If you are not going to be in a cast i would like you guys to get to meet President Torgan and see some of the areas.

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