Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

This week went really well. We had interviews with Pres. Torgan on Friday. It was great i really love  him and I am excited to be going home right when he does. He will leave on the 30th, so we leave 3 days before him! Interviews went really great he said that I have a lot of work to do here. He said I have to train Elder Faias, teach the Elders of Guimarães to love and teach the Irmãs to have faith. All while turning Ermesinde into a ward not just a branch. He also spoke last night to the stake about sanctification and how that isn´t just a word for apostles and prophets, but for everyone because it goes hand in hand with the atonement. It was great and we had an investigator named Theber who cried a ton during the first song and when we asked what it was he said "I want to return to live with God again." It was super awesome! He has a lot of questions so tonight we have family night with him at the branch presidents house!

We didn't find our phone...basically what happened is we forgot it on the bench for maybe 20 seconds and only walked about 10 feet and someone stole it. We were in the train station so there were kinda a lot of people and it was just not really awesome. We have a new one now but we lost a lot of contacts. Luckily most are written down in the area book! I got the birthday package today. Thank you a bunch for sending all that stuff to me! I really needed the socks, I ripped a pair in half today trying to get it on because it already had so many holes...oops. ;)

I can´t believe how old Ellie is either! It is super crazy she is 6...6 years...years are long...that is crazy! haha I can only imagine a party with a whole bunch of 6 year old girls!

Zac will make a great missionary! i am super excited for him! it will be awesome to talk to him in Portuguese. When I get home  I will write him letters in Portuguese. I know how to spell most things cause it is exactly how you sound it out. not like English that has some funny tricks every so often. But  Portuguese  always follows the rule of the noise...just learning the rules and the letters takes a while, but I think I have most of it down.

Well mom I am super excited that here soon I get to talk to you guys. I don´t know if we will have to talk about cause you will be here to pick me up super soon!! It is super crazy!! I love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

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