Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

I am doing just great! I am still trying to get all the way over this stuffy nose that I have, but other than that everything is going great!
I have some super crazy stories to tell you this week. First it all started on Tuesday when we went to talk to Laurentino and Maria. We had prayed and felt they needed to be baptized this weekend, so Tuesday we went to mark them for baptism. We invited them to be baptized and Maria said she really wanted to.  Laurentino came up with the excuses, he works for the bus company and since it was Easter he didn´t know when he would have to work.  It got all confusing. Basically he told us he would know on Thursday. So we went by on Thursday and he told us it wasn't going to be possible. He had to work at 4 til midnight. As we were trying to figure out some solutions his daughter called, who was baptized in Gaia almost a year ago. She was so excited and wanted to go to their baptism really bad. Well, he stepped out and answered the phone and came back and said, "Can we do it in the Saturday morning?" Of course we said yes and planned everything. 

We don´t have a font here in Ermesinde we have to go to the Stake Center in Maia. We called those elders a few days before and they said everything was gong to be great.  We went to the chapel at 8 in the morning to start filling up the font. It turns out that the other elders were already there dumping buckets from the bathroom, so it would get warm. The actual heater wasn´t working.  So we decided okay we can deal with mildly chilly water, it won´t be cold so we are good. Then we realized the gate outside was shut and that no cars could drive into the parking lot. My companion went on the search for the button to open it. He ended up thinking it would be a good idea to push the fire alarm button. It doesn't look like a fire alarm and is next to one that looks like a fire alarm! I am not sure what he was thinking  but the alarms went off and all the electricity was cut. When the electricity goes out the font starts to drain because it is all electric. So now we are frantically looking how to turn off the alarm and get electricity!  While all this is going on the buckets in the bathrooms are filling and overflowing and the font is draining. So finally after a prayer or two I was able to figure out how to get the electricity back on. But we now had water in the bathrooms, gate still locked, and less water than when we started. So we tried our best to fill it up with warm water, but in the end it didn't go over really well!! They were baptized in about 2.5 feet of freezing cold water...rough gig. But they received  the Holy Ghost. They were good sports about it luckily.

We unfortunately don´t have any really far along progressing but we have gotten a LOT of new investigators. The branch is really cool, the president is super amazing he does everything! He was actually just there in Utah he went to the conference. My companion is super great...he is correcting my Portuguese which is going to be great!

I hope Pres. Togan comes to Utah every so often, He will be area 70 over São Paulo Brazil.

I have always wanted to go to the Masters!! I want to go super duper bad! Maybe when I get back I will see if I can pull some strings from Mike Stanger and see if he can hook us up with some! I was at a members yesterday and I saw like 5 seconds of it and Tiger didn´t look happy at all. He was kicking clubs and everything...made me laugh. I saw Phil...his wife is a member cool huh!!

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!

PS. How does one make maple syrup? Can you send me a recipe? :)

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