Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010


Zone conference was great but they are super stinking long!!!! We only travel like 20 minutes by bus to Faro which is where our baptisms our! I don´t know how many zones exactly but I think there are like 7 zones...I think. The Algarve and the Açores are the coolest apparently though.

With our branch being split they will have to build it back up but it is so good cause there are a lot of people in Albufeira that drive like 40 minutes every Sunday for church. It will be super good and its good we are making 2 branches because we overflowed the church yesterday it was PACKED which was so cool to see! Yeah the other 2 elders are looking for a house and a place to hold church in Albufeira and as soon as they find them they are going to move! and it will just be 2 elders in Loulé!

I did get the package finally but it was weird cause I guess our neighbor handed it to us one day so I don’t know how they got it...I’m confused but yes it did come and I like the tie! The other elders say that usually they leave a slip and you do go pick it up from the post office.

We had to cancel and move our pedicure so it is actually tonight! I am scared cause my feet are super ticklish and cause my feet are gross right now cause we walk ALL DAY! They aren’t super bad though so it will be fine! We teach the people we baptized twice a weekish. It is super cool to see their progress and how amazingly they are progressing!

I got the picture of the new truck and it isn’t big enough dad...maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice but it looks stock! I did get the video of Carter but there was no sound so it wasn’t as good! He is super big though it is absolutely crazy!!

I thought about the fact that it is fall today I was like oh man the hunting season is just starting right now! I was kinda sad! The elders here with me want to get into hunting super bad so we always talk about it and it makes me miss it!

We aren’t really sure about General Conference but I think we get to go on Saturday if we have an investigator and Sunday we do get to listen to it! I am super excited I have heard that conference is a different experience as a missionary and I am pumped!

We eat at members every so often...not a ton. We make a lot of food in our house and no it’s not super expensive we are doing great yesterday we made rice and beans and sausage stuff and french fries and orange juice and cookies! You will see pictures when I send them…which brings me to my next thing...I need some stuff I made a good list and some of it I can buy here but I don’t know for sure. The things I need are:

peanut butter (not urgeñt)
sour candy(war heads) (not urgent)
Sweaters (i can buy if needed)
Micron pens(not super urgent but i need them sent)(bought at scrapbook stores)
USB drive (can buy but probably not the best quality here aka...chinese store)
Pedometer(I want to see how far we walk)
Braithwaite wants a girl (URGENT!!!!) (NOT PORTUGUESE)(address´s work 18-20 age range)

I am super excited for Victor that is awesome and super soon!! He is going to make a fantastic mssionary!! I am super excited for him!!

Love you dad!! Happy Birthday!! There should be a package with some little things in it coming in a few days...hopefully...if I can find good stuff!!!

Elder Bushnell

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