Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sorry this email is a little late! We had zone conference yesterday and it was super good but it took ALL P-day! It started at 10 and we didn't get home until like 7 and then we went and bought groceries and came home planned and went to bed. It was great but this week has been a lot of work...since that baptism we don´t have a lot of progressning investigators so we are knocking lots of doors and talking to lots of members. We are going to Quartiera a lot because we have a good investigator there...he is 14 and his parents left him when he was really little but now he lives with his grandma and she is a member, he just has a hard time wanting this all right now cause he is in the world and just hangs out at the beach all day!

Our branch is being split because we have so many members there! About 25 of our 80 active members are from Albufeira which is where the other elders that live with us work more. So President Torgan came on sunday and announced he is opening a branch in Albufeira as long as they have 6 priesthood holders and they have 6 for now so it is all going to work we think. The other elders just need to find a house down there and a place to have church.

This week really has been sorta boring....I don't know a whole lot that happened. Oh mom I didnºt get your package....I don't know where it is either. Packages should be sent to the office i think....I don't know if they deliever it to the house when they can´t get in or past the front door...we just have small slit mailbox things. If it doesn't get delivered will it go back to you or where? I don't know what the deal is. We are never home to sign or pick up the box if it comes so I don't know what to tell you.

Umm also mother your story about the golf cart was really funny but I am glad you are okay!! It was a funny visual though...I would have put it it neutral there in the middle. I am missing golf! We drive past one on our way to Quartiera and I always watch from the bus and am jealous!

Oh we dropped the girl that was flirting with me. She was to into the world so we went over and told her that we can´t continue to waste our time teaching her when she knows it is all true but is to worldly to act. She now hates my companion but she still likes me cause I didn't say anything cause my Portuguese is still pretty rough....I just bear my testimony in every lesson about whatever we were talking about so I just told her that we want to help her but she needs to decide what is the most important thing in her life and she said she would think about it and get back to us. She comes to church every Sunday and does everything but she likes to party and like immodest clothes and likes to drink and stuff and doesn't want to give it up for another 20 years she says. We will see what happens.

Also the lady that I baptized told us that her family felt such a strong spirit at the baptism that they know this church is true and so we are going to start teaching them more! I am excited causee they are an awesome family!! They own a salon place and Karlla the one I baptized just set us up for a pedicure appointment next pday...I am scared my toes are gross but oh well it will be an adventure!!

Sounds like BYU sucks and I am glad I am not their to watch or hear about it cause it would make me sad! We played ultimate last pday and it was super fun our field was super wet so we all slid everywhere and got SOAKED!!! it was a blast!!

Also, tell Allison that I got her letter and I am working on writing back we just don't have very much time so a response is coming soon!!

Also, keep me updated on the mission calls of Victor and Aaron. It's amazing how different life as a missionary is. The power and safety that I feel everytime I go out into the world is amazing!! I walk down the central street place and just look at people that are doing things wrong in their life and are being consumed by the world and I feel as if I am in my own bubble watching the world get worse...I wonder if the 3 nephites feel like this...anyways its amazing!!

It is so weird that i am almost all the way through my first transer in the field!! that means only 15 more to go...weird!! This transfer flew!!!

Another activity...Braithwaite and I walked in our house one night and we turn the lights on in the kitchen and the other elders are at the table and there is a HUGE pile of crawdads on the floor just crawling around. They taught this guy that catches them from a local river and he gave them TONS! We boiled them and ate them and tehy are not really worth all the work it takes to cook them but it reminded me of scout camp and stuff when we would catch them and eat them.

Well I gotta write a couple more emails but this is a basic update to you all!!

I love you all!!

Elder Bushnell

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