Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010


I am sorry about your crazy week and about you having to give a super quick notice talk!! That is what everyday of my life is but i don´t even know what people are saying back or anything...all right that is a lie I can understand pretty well now. I am just not able to talk super well still cause they have a ton of different conjucations and i hate them. I still struggle talking in past tense most of all. The funny subjunctives are bad as well! As for the truck i want to see more pictures of it!

Thanks for buying the other things! I am sure she will love it! I bought a small thing for Allison and one for dad that should be getting there really soon!! Its not going to be wrapped or anything cute its just an envelope with a present for dad and another envelope in it for Allison. I found out I can send anything that fits in this little envelope for less that 2 euros! Its awesome!

Well it is transfer call day at like 3:00 and still no phone call...i don't know what that means. we think that we are staying another transfer but I don't know cause they have come as late as 4:00 for Elder Braithwaite. So before you sent the package wait and see if we are staying or going. Also if i am staying send it to the house with a forward if not picked up thing to the mission office so if I am transferred it will get to me eventually. Wait another week or so until I let you know if I have stayed or moved. I really want to stay!! As for sweaters I want just like basic colors that I can wear with anything so like black, grey, those simple colors. Also a sweatshirt would not be bad but I can use a sweater for that so its all good.

As for conference I think we do have some good investigators that we should be able to watch it with! It all depends on transfers though cause I might be somewhere else or who knows what could happen!! We have Carlos who is really good friends with the first lady that we baptized, Andreia. So I think we could watch it with him!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! This week has been absolutely insane!! We got a new investigator and his name is Marco but he was/is a gay male prostitute! We only teach him in the chapel and with members cause it is super awkward! He seems to have a great desire to be baptized and has read a ton in the book and seems to be progressing but we aren't sure how to handle the gay prostitute thing. We are going over the commandments really bluntly in our next lesson and see how it goes. He seems to want it so bad and that is exactly what the atonement is for he just has to have a great enough desire and motivation to completely change his life. We will see!!

So a super funny story happened last night. Last night Elder Braithwaite and I were in the other elders rooms talking to Elder Rich and Christiansen thought it would be funny to lock us in the room. Well the doors and locks are super old and it locked but wouldn´t unlock! We worked on it for like 3 hours that night and we couldn't get it open. So we just went to bed. I slept in the big bed with Rich and Braithwaite slept on christiansens little bed and christiansen slept on my bed in the other room. So in the morning we were still locked in. We ended up using a hammer to pry the hinges from the door frame. We kinda screwed up the door and things so we had to tell the home owner today and she isn't super happy but it was absolutely hilarious while is was happening and now it makes a fantastic story!! It was great!

As for the pedicure it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Except I am super ticklish on my feet and I laughed a lot of the time! She is super concerned though cause my toenails apparently are shaped funny and look like I should have lots of ingrown toenails! We will see! I have had a few small ones but I just shove cotton under and it goes away in a couple of days!!

I think that this is all for this update!! I love you all!!!

Elder Bushnell

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