Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 6, 2010

I GOT WET!!! I write every week at about 11 in the morning here and last week we went to visit Karlla (our investigator that was being baptised on Wednesday) she said she wanted to be baptised on Wednesday so we were sorting it all out and she picked me to do the baptism!! It was super duper scary having like 2 days to memorize the words and everything in Portuguese! I was super nervous!! It went great and I have a lot of pictures that I will send you pretty soon! It was so cool! My first baptism....on my second week here!

Portugal just made it to the highest baptizing mission inEeurope and we are like 3rd or so as far as retention in the church goes. so we don´t struggle a ton...especially not here in Loulé the branch is amazing! Everything they do is centered on missionary work!

The 17 year old girl didn´t seem to let on because she still read a little in the book and when we asked her to go to church she asked if she could bring a friend...she didn't come at all though. But it was just weird because she is so confusing.

We have a 15 year old girl that is a snake also. She totally just likes to be around the elders and she doesn't want to be baptized because she doesn't want to give up the parties and the drinking and stuff....its not even legal for her to drink but yeah. We ate dinner over there on Saturday and she told me I look and act like an angel so why am I a missionary and not a model or something. It was really funny cause she said that in English so it was all broken and funny. Then my comp and I gave her a WARHEAD the super sour American candies and it was hilarious because here in portugal nothing is sour like that and flipped and we laughed super hard. luckly there were all 4 elders there so we took turns talking to her and having to sit by her and stuff but yeah i don't know what we are going to do with her. She knows its true and comes to church every Sunday but won't be baptized. I will keep you updated on her.

There are SOOOOO many golf courses down here!!!!! I want to go play one but they are too expensive for a missonary but when you come pick me up!! :) The is one that is like Vale do Lobo and its right on the beach...it looks like Pebble Beach of Europe...its amazing!! I practce my swing with The Book of Mormon a lot!

The people we are baptizing are portuguese but we do talk to a lot from Cabo Verde and a lot from Angola...i don't think I have met anyone from Mozambique yet...oh and TONS of Brazillians! They are super hard to understand but Karlla is Brazillian.

We have only been to Quarteira once because Loule is so big but we are planning on going about once or twice a week...probably once. There are just so many tourists there right now it is really hard! It is about a 20 minute bus ride down there but it is way cool!!!

We are going to play ultimate and go shopping in Faro today because it is our happy pday!! The first pday of the month we get to go out of our area!

I love you all a ton!!

Elder Bushnell

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