Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 11, 2010


It was fast Sunday here as well and everyone talked about conference and how we are getting a temple! I will look for the package...the last one took like 13 days so i probably will get it in a few more days. Umm you could stick a harmonica in if you can find one! Also one thing that Elder Rich´s family does is they send him the Sunday comics in a letter every couple weeks, it gives a good break to read those.

Glad to hear that BYU is getting rolling...hopefully!

Elder Bell and I are doing alright it is not terrible (the language) when in person but on the phone we are awful cause our phone is super quiet...we are asking for a new one in the next inventory thing. Unfortunately Marco is not on track because he didn't come to church yesterday...he went to Lisbon to visit his mom. He has to go twice before he can be baptized. We are teaching Carlos but he is always working and hard to talk to but we have a member that will give us rides to visit his house and stuff.

Things are going great! It has rained super hard the past few days which makes it hard to do work cause no one is in the streets and everyone just goes inside and doesn't want to talk to anyone. It is rough but it´s not terrible! Its weird now that the real fall season has hit and its started to get colder how few people are out and about! I didn't realize in the summer how many people were tourists and were only here for the weather! I am super excited to come back with you guys! I think maybe it would be better if i came home then we went back for the temple dedication or open house...i really want to see it!

Carter is getting huge that is absolutely crazy!! He is going to be giant when i get home! He better remember me!!

For lunch usually we go back to our house and make something but we have random places around town that sometimes we stop at! They have super yummy things called tostas that are basically giant grilled cheese and meat sandwich! They are like 2 euros and are HUGE! as missionaries we eat a lot of those! And as for laundry we have a washing machine in our house and so we just throw it in when we run low on clothes and then hang it up on the rack thing on our balcony thingy.

I will send pictures home next pday once I get the memory card all ready and backed up and stuff! I tried today but I need my camera cable which I left in the house cause apparently this adapter thing doesn't work and they don't have memory card slots in these computers!

Love you guys lots!!

Elder Bushnell

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