Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

I haven't tried on the sweater but I am pretty sure that it will fit! Its not overly cold like I still wear short sleeve shirts and stuff! Just some days it's kinda cold at night but normally it really isn't bad at all!

Sounds like you had a super super fun weekend! I am sorta jealous but not really bad. The weather here changes a lot just like it does at home and it never ever snows so its always fairly far. I have heard that it gets SUPER cold because they don't have any heaters really so its hard to get warm. The shower is like the only place that is warm. Haha I am surprised Ellie doesn't wuss out of the bike!

I don't know if they have flu shots....I sorta dont think so and if they do they are probably SUPER expensive!! Kinda like contact bottle like the size of the costco ones is like 15 dollars. But I have some now so no worries!

The address thing didnºt cause any mix ups really it was just funny cause every package had a different address and neither of them were correct! It made me laugh so I thought I would correct it this time!

Rua Ramaholho Oriigao
Bloco B2 2Dto
8400-618 Loule

Umm the elders and I have all started to create Christmas and just random package lists...basically things we miss that would be amazing to have. So here is what I have in my list so far...I don't need these things immediately or anything just for package ideas!

Wheat thins, sweet pics of random things to tape to my planner, comics, Dr. Pepper, Mike & Ikes, Nut Rolls, Skittles, Candy Corn, Hunting Magazines(I would love you forever), Mac & Cheese, Swedish Fish, Tide to go Pens, Simple receipes, Licorice, Fast Breaks.
Now you have some random ideas of things to stuff in packages to fill the space or whatever. I need ideas for christmas presents for the family!!

Oh some cool is my half bday! I am now 19.5 which is super weird!! I am so so old!!

The work this week was ALL procura which is searching in english i think. We had 31 received contacts which is 6 less than our whole district had last week! We talked to so many people! Lets say that 1 in 3 people gave us their name and contact info and said we could return...which is being way generous but just for fun...that means we talked to over 90 people this week!!

We have painted a couple of houses and things but not very many full on huge service projects...we ask everyone if we can do anyting though. Elder Rich is from Torrance, California and he is almost exactly one year ahead of me! He went in the mtc June 6th or something.

So something cool this last weekend was the Portugal Masters of the European Tour and they played it in Vilamoura which is in my area so I saw like tons of tourists and basically almost went to the tournament but we didn't have time and it wasn't on p-day...I wanted to so bad...We rode a bus through the city and saw all the crazy signs and people on the course in masses!! It was super cool I got all excited!!! But no one cool was playing in it...I was sad.

Thank you!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Bushnell

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