Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Dad’s Letter:
Hey!! Nothing super exciting happened this week...we had some really good lessons with people but our numbers of people showing up for church is really bad and they have to do that in order to be baptized!! We are talking to a lot of people and hopefully we will be able to come back...most people aren’t home when we come back but we are going to continue to try and hopefully will catch them every so often! We are teaching anywhere from 15-20 lessons a week which is lower than we would like but it’s not terrible. The members here help in the lessons and do give us some references but not a ton. They love to come to lessons though which is awesome!
I am super excited for Victor!! He is going to do great!! If you see him tell him my few words of advice are first, just keep swimming; don’t let anything get him down! Second, always try to see the positive in everything and have fun!! Missionary work is supposed to be work but fun also!!
Well it sounds like I am glad I wasn´t there for that duck hunt! It doesn’t feel like its duck season already! I feel like I just barely left but I guess it is October already! It’s super weird!! I want to know why you are buying cool things and spending all this money once I leave?! The maxis is really sweet though!! Maybe you can keep up with me now! ;) Oh yesterday I was on a little division with Elder Rich and we walked past a building and there was a guy in a hunting vest carrying a shotgun in a case made me kind of trunkie. I wanted to go talk to him but he was going in an apartment and closing the door. But seeing a shotgun and hunting clothes made me want to go! Elder Rich really wants to go to BYU when he gets home to get away from his ex girlfriend...who he wrote off my second week here...but yeah so he wants to come up to BYU and he wants to go hunting and he said he will teach me how to surf and ride dirt bikes really well if we take him hunting! He is super cool probably my favorite Elder here.
I have now been in Loulé for almost 2 transfers which is 12 weeks so probably like 10 weeks now. Transfers are November 9th but we get our calls on the 8th. So if you are sending me anything probably send it super soon or wait and send it once I know if I am transferring...I sort of think I am going to be going somewhere else this transfer! I love it here and don’t want to go but I sort of feel like I will be going this transfer.
Well I hope everything this week goes super well! I will try to send pictures to mom but i donºt know if they will work!! Thanks for the support!! Love you!!
Elder Bushnell

Mom’s Letter

Everything is going great!! Yeah mom we are eating a ton!! We can buy pretty much everything basic the same as in America...we eat a lot of normal things like pasta and rice and beans and meats and hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

It is super weird that we are all that age...I was talking with Bell about this. Ever since we were little kids we looked up to our missions...and now we are here this is the time! It’s crazy!! I can’t believe how fast the time is going! I have made it so far already!! My Portuguese is coming along well...I can basically get through any conversations if they talk slow and give me a couple minutes to think ;)

We were talking about what the world is becoming....and holy smokes its becoming super bad...I knew I was sort of sheltered growing up in Orem Utah but man I didn’t realize it was this bad out here in the world! They have advertisement things for coats and like cold weather stuff but the girl will be in like booty shorts or something. Its super retarded and doesn’t make any sense! I don’t see why the world has to be going this bad! I am not raising kids outside of Utah Valley I decided!

Taking to people is a lot easier out here than I thought it would be...I have come to the realization that no matter what people are going to look at us funny and think we are weird so we might as well pretend it’s not weird and talk to them like normal. There have been some times when we see someone we want to talk to clear down the road and we like book it after them and stop them to contact them. My favorite is when you see someone you feel is an elect but they are talking to other people....I now just run into the group and start taking and they all look at us super funny but they can’t say they are busy cause they want to continue taking to their friends so they are nicer but it is awkward!

Thanks for all you do for me mommy!! Just think like another 2 months and I get to talk on the phone to you guys!! Thanks for sending me things!! I love you!! I am including some random pictures and will mail my card home this week with lots!! Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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