Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hey (Dad's Letter)

Our bus was late so we didn't get to hear the announcement but when we got to the chapel everyone was freaking out and was super super excited!! :) All the Elders were stoked!! The members were super happy and it was just a good day!

I enjoyed hearing the elk hunting story it is way cool and I tell my hunting stories over and over again out here I am starting to feel like Ned but I have so many stories! That is exactly why we hunt though...we make great memories and have fantastic stories!

Elder Bell and I are going to do just great! We just need to find some good investigators and the work will really pick up and get going. We can make it through lessons and everything just fine. I can tell my Portuguese is going to improve so much this transfer its going to be awesome! We are great buddies and for pday today we are going to try to hit a bucket of balls at some course....we just don't know where yet!

It is crazy how fast time has flown since the first time i went with you to priesthood. i remember that day and how i didn't want to go i wanted to play with my friends but i went and i really enjoyed it! It was super hard to watch conference this year on Sunday cause we watched them live and I thought abut how you guys sitting on our couches making french toast! It made me a little trunky!

I really enjoyed conference this year and i feel like I took the best notes and got the most out of this conference than any other! It was amazing to see how many of the talks were on making right choices and following the spirit! The whole conference was about how important using our agency for good is!! i liked it a lot! Will you send me an ensign when the come out? Do we still get an extra one? We got 2 for a long time.

Love you!!

Mom's Letter:

Yeah we are all super duper excited that we will get a temple!! Some of the other people here said it takes about 2+ years to build a temple so maybe instead of coming to pick me up I could come home then go back for the temple dedication with you guys? Just a thought. The church has had the property for a long time they were just waiting to announce it and start work. I am telling people that the girl I baptized was the one they had been waiting for...jk!

We did get to watch all of conference. We watched one session on Saturday then we watched priesthood and Saturday afternoon on Sunday morning then watched the 2 Sunday sessions live. Basically we watched all of them in a jumbled order so that they would all fit and work out. But I missed the first couple in the first session. It was sad cause that was when Holland (my favorite spoke).

Did you find a nice cabin in wallsburg for us? I like wallsburg a lot! that road is really bumpy and it is always worse for the passenger! i didnºt think it was super bad but i drove the jeep up it so i knew what was coming and could roll with it better but it jumbled dad up pretty well when we went! my jeep was probably worse than our new truck is, especially since that truck is the fx4 model it has upgraded suspension and all that good stuff!

We haven't really done a lot of work because of conference but Bell and I are going to be great i already told dad. As for our investigators....Marco still wants to be baptized and is pushing for the 17th so we are crossing our fingers! Carlos is working a ton and haven't met with him for a little bit but we are going to this week and we will see if it continues to improve! I think he will be baptized!

Bell is from Denver by the way.

The weather here has been super rainy for the past couple days but not enough to make me wear a jacket cause it comes and goes and yesterday it felt like a mister it was weird it was like rain from every direction! It felt super good though!

The warheads aren't super important they are just more for comedy cause Portugal has no sour candy and when you give them to people they freak out! Its super funny! You can send it without them its not a huge deal! Let me know when the package gets there! I hope Dad and Allison like their presents when they come!

Love you lots! Miss you!

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