Monday, November 29, 2010



My week was awesome!! We had a lot of lessons and I feel like it was a super productive week! Marco was baptized was super great! It was funny also because he is the one that was gay...all the other elders were joking that i baptized the gay right out of him! Which is amazing thing is through the atonement and everything Christ did for us he is clean from all the past thing he has done...he is 100% clean from all his past mistakes...the gospel is amazing! I am trying to take a lot of pictures but its hard cause we aren´t supposed to on any other day except for P-day. All of the Algarve is having a lot of success we have baptized every week this transfer! My comp and I are getting along great! We have a few moments that I get a little frustrated because i can´t really explain everything i want to in Portuguese. But really it’s going super great!

I surprisingly don´t miss snow’s weird right now is like fall at home...its rainy everyday and windy so it’s cold but the other elders say that this is’s not to bad...but they say by march i will be freaking out cause real winter never comes....its weird. Man i don´t like those crazy storms with lots of snow and we always drive back in the storms!

How was Thanksgiving? My thanksgiving was pretty good! We ate at an American family’s house and had turkey, potatoes, stuffing; fruit salad...just like at home...but not nearly as good was kind of weird tasting!

That is super cool that Jason is going to get married in the temple...they said like 5 more years but it is cool that they decided to get married and now want it in the temple! Sandy can´t watch since it’s in the temple...that will be interesting...she still has a little while to work on it...

So a quick update here...Marco was baptized yesterday and Maicon received the gift of the holy ghost! It was a good day! Also we went to a different church because we have a family of investigators that go to this church and wow it was weird! I had NEVER been to another church in my entire life....but this one was super weird! It was like an evangelist-philidelphia-missionary-assembly of God church...that was the name or something. They had drums and guitars and electric pianos and they all like sang as loud as they could and yelled "glory to God" "thank you Jesus" and all sorts of weird things during the meetings...they also had a lady that had some organ in her stomach hurting her so they "healed" her. That was the weirdest thing i have ever seen! She fell on the ground and then her stomach and her whole body started to shake like a seizure and then she woke up and stuff up and said it was healed but man it was super duper weird! At the end they talked to my comp and I during the meeting...they were like "oh we have some visitors today we would like to welcome them" so we said our names and then the WHOLE congregation (like 30 people) was like " in the name of Jesus and of this congregation we welcome you this night to our assembly of God." it was super weird but everyone was super nice at the church...but it was SO loud I don’t know how they think that Christ would enjoy to be in a place like that...and how they think they are going to feel/hear the holy ghost. It was super weird!

That was my week this week! Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

PS can I get one of those super little hymn books in Portuguese? I can´t buy them over here and i want to give one to Karlla (my first baptism) :)

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