Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yeah I am excited as well that all of Portugal will be one mission. It will be very interesting but it will be cool to be able to see all of Portugal. So far I have only been in the Algarve but that is fine by me cause its a HUGE golf place. People come from everywhere to play the courses here! Its cool to see them...never will be able to play them because they cost so much but its cool!! As for up north it´s cold but they have super awesome castles and stuff. The mission office will be in Lisbon still cause it will be the Portugal Lisbon Mission. I think that the Porto mission has like 60 missionaries and we have like double that. I think about that challenge a lot actually!

I think the dentist just put the cavity wax stuff in and then used the blue light to harden it then shaved it to look normal and then had me bit so it feels fine but not the EXACT same so when i get back Dr. White can fix it all up! I already got the reimbursement and put it in my special belt for a really rainy day!

Thanks for sending the package I will start looking out for it. Roundy´s girlfriend sent him a package for christmas that hasn't ever shown up...its a little sketchy. But I am sure this one will come!

As for Paula and Dora we are thinking that Dora´s job has moved or something and now she can come to church...hopefully....and last night we had a cool experience and will see how it plays out...we were praying to see who should be baptized this week and after the prayer i turned to roundy and said..."this might sound weird cause it seems impossible but i kept having a name that started with Pau...i was like...uh we have a less active member Paulo but he is already baptized...then it hit me...Paula." and he was like i kept thinking the same thing but was scared to say anything cause it seems so impossible...but we will do all we can and see if it really was the Lord giving us and answer or just us and wishful thinking. But it could have been the Lord giving us and answer but Paula still has her free agency so...we will see!

So something pretty cool that elder roundy and i were talking about...we were talking about Provo and Orem and what those words mean in Portuguese. Provo is from the verb provar which is "to prove or try" so its like saying "i try or prove" Orem is super cool its the verb Orar which is "to pray" and its like commanding to pray but plurally. so like commanding a group of people to pray!

Thank you!! Love you all!!

Elder Bushnell

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