Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi Mommy Dear!!

My week has been absolutely NUTS!!!!

I will go day-by-day for you. First on p-day I broke my tooth, its one on the top and left side, 2nd to the back (for me). So I had the opportunity to go to a Portuguese dentist, that was an adventure! :) It was $60.00 which is why it looks like I took a TON of money out. I broke my tooth later in the day eating a candy thing...basically a mamba...so then used my card to pay for that. So i broke it on Monday...we also found out our sink is leaking that day also...still is but its not bad.

Tuesday we went to the dentist first thing in the morning and marked a visit at 3 then we did work and stuff with out sink a little then went back and he just looked at it and put funny wax stuff in it...and we recheduled for Wednesday.

Wednesday...we got my tooth fixed at 11 then went to lunch with a member then went to teach Dora and Paula who accepted ALL the commandments but they work Sundays now so they don´t want to be baptized since they can´t keep that commandment. So we are working with them...but then right after we went to the bus stop and went to Lisbon for a half the mission zone meeting with Elder Caussé of the 70.

Thursday...we had the cool zone conference in which we learned a lot but the craziest thing happened!!! Nice we are going to have a temple and since we are the highest baptizing mission in Europe....well first let me tell you a cool fact. In the past 2 years the number of missionaries in this mission has decreased 30% but baptisms have quadrupled! man i want to break this news in a super exciting way but basically since our mission is awesome we are expanding and will be ONE mission and will eat the Porto mission!! Starting on July 1st i could be called to serve in ANY part of PORTUGAL or in Madeira (the islands)!! Its mainly because the 12 want all of Portugal to be as awesome as our mission is so they are putting President Torgan over ALL the country!! Its super cool cause i will have 1 full year in my own mission then will get to storm Porto´s mission and see ALL of this amazing country!! I am super excited! But next winter will be a white one if i am up north!!

So basically the rest of the week was just a breeze and wasn't anything super duper exciting! We contacted some good people but only had 3 in church which isn´t great but not terrible!

As for our transfer calls today...Elder Roundy and I will stay together so you can send whatever you have planned now :) We are super excited and we are going to baptize at least twice! i have started a pattern...2 in my 1st transfer then 0 then 2 then 0 so now we are on a 2!

Sounds like you have been having a crazy week!! That is super good to stay busy cause if not the days seem LONG! which makes weeks seem like forever!! which is not a good thing!

Well i hope all is going well!! I love you TONS!!!

Elder Bushnell

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