Sunday, February 27, 2011


This week has been pretty fun!! Kinda crazy cause we taught a lot of less active members and a lot of inactives...which are always fun cause they always have some reason they are not coming to church so its fun to see all the random reasons. I am constantly reminded of the story of the cup of milk and cream or whatever it is. Or the poor simons ryder fella who flipped cause someone spelled his name wrong. Its fun though!

It has been POURING here as well! We were out tracting and got POURED on but no worries I was a good boy scout and was prepared with my assassin jacket (with a hood)...that GIGANTIC thing we bought at mr. mac. But today is super warm and back to the normal Algarve temperature always right about 70-75 in the day time and down to like 65 at night. Really I am telling you most of the bad stuff that is happening. I am not telling you about the little things like about how we found bug shell things in our kitchen the other day.I think they are weird bugs which actually are called book bugs here. We sprayed poison stuff so all is well.

I am glad the computer survived! that is good news! I did get the book and I really like it! It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but its great. I was thinking like of the old testament manual things. This one is super cool though and I have already read a TON of it! I will let you know if the pants fit and everything. I am sure they do! I probably will start wearing one of the suit pants here pretty soon! Thanks for sending that stuff to me!! Your the bestest!!

The work this week was a lot of work on reactivation as I already kinda said but we also met with Dora and Paula and we found Dora has a little problem with deciding if we are true or if the JW´s are right. She just has friends in that church. She knows ours is true. Her dad died this past weekend and we still haven´t been able to talk to her yet cause she is traveling or something. Paula just wants a head free of stresses before she is married. She wants to be able to only think in how important that day is and not be worrying about family or work or other things. We are going to talk to them on Wednesday about how the time may not be the best but Satan will always be putting stuff in the way to keep us from getting on the straight and narrow path!

Everything is going super well and we are going to have interviews with Pres. this Friday which is always fun! Love you all!!

Elder Bushnell

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