Friday, February 18, 2011


p.s. I forgot to tell you i found hunting scriptures this week!! Look up D&C 59:5-15 which is what we need to do to receive blessings while we are hunting. then in verses 16-19 it talks about the blessings we can receive if we are doing the things! :) I like the part about pleasing the eye and gladdening the heart! :)

hey daddio!!

Things are going super great!! I am sorry you broke your tooth! Luckily, when i broke mine it didn't hurt at all! I just heard a super crazy rumor that
I don´t want to it true Jerry Sloan retired?! I just heard that from Elder Roundy but we don´t know if its really true. He can´t retire...he doesn't have a championship yet...what is this world coming to!

I am glad Tyler and Kyle are really pressing forward it really is amazing to see this work in action and be a part of it! I will write Scott a letter this week and mail it to you guys cause
I can´t remember which house number is his. You guys can just deliver it to him!

We are doing a ton of procura...we found 8 new people on Saturday which was a pretty good day. We unfortunately didn't have anyone new in church...we had like 5 inactive members which was super cool! Hopefully they still keep coming! Elder Roundy and I are finding fun ways to stay positive...we make super good goals and if we complete them all before 9:30 at night we go get ice cream or we window shop or we do something cause at 9:30 we need to be in the house so normally we have like 15 minutes or so to do that kinda stuff cause our goals are always good and improve everyday. its pretty fun actually! I just had to do the math in my head cause Roundy and I can´t believe we are 1/3 of the way done...that is so crazy! Its gone so quick!!

Thanks for putting me in!! I am super excited to come back and hunt a LOT! cause
I won´t ever have another time like this in my life...I will have just finished with my mission and before life actually starts I will have a little bit of time to goof off! :) I don´t remember if I was with you guys in 95...I remember seeing pictures of the time by the lake but I don´t know if I was there ever for it. I like 93 it payed out pretty well this last year!

I bet mom wasn't any to excited about me not going to school but she will miss me so much by then she probably will let me do whatever i want for one semester! :) We will see and
I will keep thinking about it! :)

This week was a lot of less active lessons and procura...we didn't teach any super strong lessons...we were super close to having Paula and Dora baptized but they decided it was important to tell their families and invite them all...its a good reason cause we will get lots of referalls as well if they come to the baptism so it hopefully will happen this upcoming week! I will let you know!!

Thanks for everything dad!!

Love you!

Feliz Dia dos Namorados!

Oh man that is sad news...our computer at home died? That is cool that we are getting a new one!! Try if possible to save that extra memory and video card we put in if they didn´t die as well!! We probably could use them later!

I have heard that BYU is doing really well! All because of Jimmer! He is a stud! That is super cool that those Huntsman and Romney are going to run for everyone LOVES Obama and I always just sit there and don´t say anything...if you ask them they couldn´t tell you one thing he has done..he is just very liked for no reason! I think I want Mitt Romney to be president! I told dad a little about the work here and hopefully Paula and Dora will be baptized this week! We are praying super hard for that to happen!

Good to hear you and barb are basically just playing and not really working...of course! You two have always left during the most interesting times. Remember how in high school you would always go to st. george or somewhere during the i always had to do everything myself...i had to ask sister pratt how to work the tuxedo things cause i had never done it and you were gone!! :)

I bet cleaning the pantry was a blast with those 2 goof balls!! They are going to be so stinking big by the time i get home! its super crazy! Carter better know who i am when i get home! If he is scared of me i will be sorta sad! I was talking to Elder Rich who goes home this june and he was planning funny ways to get off the airplane but you guys are coming to get me so i won´t be able to do anything super funny like that. I am excited to show you guys all of these areas and stuff! Portimão has some super cool areas!! :) The branch in Loulé is better i think though. they just seem more its like at home, you only talk on sundays and don´t see each other during the week! Loule was like one tight family!

Which mission is Jordan in? Brett Huntington is in Texas! I wonder if they are close to each other or if they know each other. It doesn't really matter but its interesting!

haha that is funny about the package i sent...I wondered how it would do and apparently it didn´t make it any to safely. I am using the acne medicine...don´t know if its working but i am sorta using it! It dries my face out sometimes but its all good! Thanks for filling those for me!! Also for sending that stuff! I will let you know when i get it!

Have a great week!! I love you a ton!!

Elder Bushnell

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