Monday, March 28, 2011

3.28.11 Dad's Letter


okay so filling you in...we are still in the black hole of an is a ton of small things all added together that make it so bad...mainly it has ants and bedbugs and the lights suck...the bathroom smells like pee mold. It is just super gross and super old..i have a video i will try to send next week cause i forgot the stuff to transfer it. My comp is Elder LeVitre who was in the MTC with me...we are just kinda different people with different styles of teaching and finding. We will get going here pretty quick. We are getting along fine. We have one lady who should have been baptized this week but we are going to really push for next week. She is from Caracas Venezuela and we are helping her learn English and also teaching her about the church. She came to church the past 2 weeks... the relief society activity...the baptism of the sisters in our ward...and also gave a ride to one sister to church this week. she just needs to accept baptism.

Let me know what happens with Tiger in the Masters! Also just a side note...about 30 minutes ago i saw a Wood made me sad. It was chilling on the side of a lake in the park!

I did get the video of carter and he is super big...he seemed super confused when you said my he thinks you guys are crazy and that i don´t exist.

We will have conference in our building which is like 3 minutes from our house!! I am stoked! I love conference and i am stoked to hear what else is new that is going to happen. They probably will announce cool temples and stuff again! oh and still no news on the temple here but i think President Torgan knows where it will be now.

I am glad to hear from you guys and i like these emails with lots of questions for me!! We are going to try to take as many investigators to conference as possible! We will go to it either way though. Here we teach about 20 lessons a week...which isn´t great but not bad. We want around 24-30 so just a few more.

Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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