Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3.1.11 Mom's Letter

Dear Mommy-

This week has been pretty crazy!! I don´t even remember all the crazy things that happened! We just keep trucking along and sometimes its so easy to forget what happens on some of the days! One thing that happened that stuck out to me was we were walking down the street and some JW´s tried to contact us and talk about what they believe...they started with the classic JW comment...if we know and use the name of God. We said we do know it and i automatically said "the name of our Father in Heaven is not Jehovah." They proceeded to read some scriptures that say that it is...but we shattered their world when we read isaiah 21:2 that says Jehovah is our salvation...and also when we talked about how "God" really is a title...and how Jesus Christ has that title so the "God" in the Old Testament really is Jesus Christ.

They were pretty stunned and didn´t really know how to argue back with us stubborn americans so they moved on and tried to say that we do missionary work wrong. They were saying that we baptize right after the person learns all about our gospel...they believe the person has to wait a period of time to be baptised...so we talked about john the baptist and Jesus when they were going around preaching and baptising...it says NOTHING about waiting to baptise...it says all those who believe in Christ´s name shall be baptized. When they were talking basically all i heard was "you guys do missionary work wrong...you need to slow down we can´t keep up". One of the ladies tried to rub into our face their church had 7 million members...she said it like 5 times...so Roundy finally had had enough and was like "our church has 14 million" which he said kinda pointy and they were quiet...for a few seconds...

They then started trying to give us one of their books for studying the bible..which i said "i will take your book but only if we can make a trade" so I pulled out the book of mormon...they didn´t like that one bit! They acted like it was a gun and they were scared of it...they kinda freaked out and were like "uhh nevermind we gotta go to a meeting" and they tried to escape...but they stopped us so we continued to talk to them and proceeded to bear our testimonies about the book and asked what they knew about it...of course they gave completely wrong answers about where the book came from and everything about it but they walked away...it was super cool experience though! To see basically the fear that the Book of Mormon puts into the hearts of those that are trying to get gain from their church. It was interesting! It was a good moral booster to be able to defend our beliefs in another language with out any problems!

The meeting with Pres. Torgan was very interesting. He said some interesting things about me. Basically to make it short i went into the interview...he asked me to pray. He asked what i thought about what had been taught in the conference so far. Then he said "Elder Bushnell I am going to need leaders in this mission when they come together. You are one of those leaders, but you haven´t baptized in a little while...you need to "wake up" and become one of those leaders for me because i need you..and i can only call elders that are doing/making great things happen, i have a lot of confidence in you but for whatever reason your area has been stopped for a while...i need you to "wake" it up...."your time is now" (we had talked about how we can´t wait for anything cause our time in now...if we wait we will lose so many blessings and won´t carry the voice of the Lord) It was a super cool interview and then he prayed and when he prays it is so strong...you can easily tell he is talking to someone he has come to know very well throughout his life.

That basically was my week! I did get the pants and they are the size i have...i haven´t tried them on...i forgot about them already...cause we have had to wear our suits for a few days because of church and interviews. Thanks for sending those candy bars...they came in good use the first day i got the package! Love You!!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. do you know if its possible to get the gospel picture books shrunk down? it is super expensive to do it here....i was going to do it but in color it is .50 a side. Is it cheaper there? I want a small one to carry around with me.

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