Monday, March 28, 2011

3.28.11 Mom's letter

Setubal is super cool is a huge ward that really has the fire of missionary work! We are still looking for an apartment...its hard to find one with furniture and everything! White washing means that 4 elders were here but we came and took them all out and its just us 2 now. Whitewashed is when everyone is new in the area...they are normally rare. My comp and i are getting there, it won´t be a big problem. We are in the process of finding new investigators and its coming along really nicely!! The ward is over feeding us.

That is super crazy that all of them are leaving! I feel super old! I am super excited for Tyler!! He has to remember that the mission all depends on your attitude and thoughts...just like golf....think positive about EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING will be positive! Waiting is the worst part...that was over a year ago that I was waiting for that is crazy! I am coming up really quick on my 1 year mark and from there it is super fast!! When I got here Elder Rich my buddy was at 1 year and now he is almost going home...he is almost dead. He always tells me how fast it goes! SO you can make it mommy!! :) I am glad to hear that everything is going super well for the family!! :)

I love you all!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. as far as an address...umm we are still hoping to move so i am scared to give you this one in case we move but it is

Rua Dr. Luís Teixeira Macedo e Castro

Nº 6 R/C Dto

Setúbal 2910-586


p.s. i am super excited for conference!! :)

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