Monday, March 7, 2011


This week seemed super long but it was still fairly good! we tried to do a million things at the same time and ended up with was rough!

But we find little miracles everyday we are out here. We found one lady this week that when she came to the door she said oh I love the story of joseph smith. She is super old and has bad asthma but she said she will let us know when she is up for coming to church and we can get her a ride. We are teaching another lady that had a dream where she was walking down a narrow road and everything was white. She was dressed in white and the buildings were white. She said it was night but she saw a cloud in the sky that seemed to glow. When the cloud parted she saw a man sitting on a thrown...she tried to look closer but the clouds shut and she woke up. She has been searching for an answer to that dream for a long time. We didn´t have lots of time so we left her the chapter that talks about the staight and narrow path that will lead you to eternal life with God. It will be fun to see how it all plays out in the end! We are planning on explaining a little bit about why the color white next time and baptism clothes!

That is a super cool story about Cody...also a super scary one! Him and Shane have both had miracles in their lives...Shane had his foot that he broke and everything.

I am stoked for Tyler to turn in his papers! He is going spanish speaking and my guess would be to Spain....its closest to me. He is going to have a blast! It is work though..but its fun work!

Carnival is tomorrow here and basically its like the biggest holiday in Brazil and Portugal. It will be interesting, I am sorta nervous. We were told that it gets really crazy...with lots of eggs and flour thrown off roofs.

Umm i really don´t know what I want for my birthday...umm I haven´t even been thinking about´s next transfer that is weird its going so fast! You guys still owe me a golf club from my last birthday though :) Umm...can I get the truck when I get home... for my birthdays during my mission? Mom's and Dad's response--keep dreaming!

Thanks for all the love and support.
Elder Bushnell

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