Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey Family!! Whats up!!!?

This week was super duper good!! We worked super hard and we saw some crazy miracles...for example on Tuesday was a crazy day!! We had been teaching a family of 3 people and we passed by them to mark their 16 year old daughter for baptism cause she was the only one from the family in church..her name is Ana. But so we went to talk to her about baptism and before we even got to a lesson with her we started talking about smoking with her parents and her dad said " I will go to church on Sunday then after we can talk about baptism. Luckily my comp and I had already prayed and felt they needed to be baptized on the 28th so we told them about that and they accepted. It was super great! We set up plans with them to stop smoking and everything. But so then we had to go cause we didn't have much time before our next lesson with a kid named Telmo...he is 18. So we ran to the other side of town to give him the lesson to talk with him. Well that lesson was awesome cause we talked about baptism and my comp and i had already prayed to know when it was that he needed to be baptized and we felt Saturday the 21st. So he was like "yeah i haven´t ever been baptized i think i need to be." So he accepted...then we ran back across the city to talk to Ana again. We started talking to her and we were getting through the 3rd lesson and got to baptism and she started laughing. She knew what was coming...she was like "now your going to ask me if i want to be baptized. Yes I do want to be" it was awesome!! We were like "GREAT!!! cause it will be this Sunday!!!" That made her a little nervous but she is super cool and was just like "okay" So we passed by them everyday and we are really helping her parents stop smoking and everything so they can be baptized. So in one day we marked 4 people for baptism...but the miracles keep coming.

The Sister missionaries had some baptisms as well...hehe....they baptized 4 people and we baptized our ward had 5 baptisms...the whole mission only had 9 this we baptized more in our ward than the rest of the mission combined! :) I was picked to do the baptisms of 3 of the yesterday was a great day!! I got to baptize 4 people one after another!! It was super awesome! I have attached some pictures for you!! :) I baptized the 3 youngest girls and the black lady as well...the bishop baptized the lady with the red on her face. (its some skin disease fairly common here...not contagious no worries)

That is the most exciting thing that happened this week! We had a ton of cool things happen!! We are now gearing up for Telmo to be baptized on Saturday and then Ana´s parents (Carlos and Susana) the week after that!! :)

I am glad I am not there to work in the yard!! It is super hot here and it is killing me! I think I would be better if you sent me white shirts cause here they are all crappy quality and expensive. Also....I remember that somehow we are related to Pocahontas... do you know how that works? How is it again?

Well that is basically it for this week! I l love you!!!

Elder Bushnell

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