Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi Mom-

We had another baptism this weekend!! Telmo was baptized who is from Brazil and he is 18 and super cool! Ana´s parents had a fight last night so it is kinda a tipsy situation right now but we are going to work with them all week long and they will be baptized on Saturday!! :) Her dad told us last night he can´t believe something he can´t see. But he knows its true. We just gotta talk to him some more. I got the package today and the retainer actually does go kinda hurts but for the first time in a year i am impressed how well it fits. I will start wearing it a lot more and when I get home they will be perfectly straight! Thanks for the treats also! comp has lots of peanut butter so probably candy...umm i like fruity candy! :)

Love ya-
Elder Bushnell

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