Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey mommy!!
My week wasn't too bad actually! It is moving on nicely...we have been a lot more focused on finding people and that makes the work easier when we are both focused on the same thing. We are getting better but it will still be a little bit of a challenge this transfer!

So about mothers day...first yesterday was mothers day here...that was super hard cause it was testimony meeting and mothers day so everyone was talking about their moms. So as far as talking...i believe we got it figured out that we can skype next week we talked to a member and we decided that around 5:530 for my companion who will take an hour and hour and a half and so i would be starting at like 6:30-7 which is like noon for you. I know that is in the middle of church and a really crappy time for you guys but we can´t fit it in with the members at another i hope it will work out. If not you can call 918-103-559 on Sunday whenever to work it out.

Ellie is a pill for sure. Haha are you saying ellie is all talk...sounds like daddio...just barks! ;)

It is may that is super weird I cant believe how fast time is going! It goes fast yet slow at the same time...its hard to explain! Things with the companion are fine we are going to survive i think...i just really hope that we don´t have another transfer again! It is for sure teaching me patience. I learned this transfer that if 6 weeks can feel like an eternity with someone it is going to be super important for me to find the RIGHT person cause eternity is an awful long time! Thanks for the prayers and support though!

I heard it is super wet there! I can´t believe i am missing all the rain and is rainy here also actually.

This week we just found new investigators and we will see which progress and which ones don´t...its hard to explain them right now because they are all super new so we can´t see how willing they are to move things.

This week we have taught some new people but its hard to tell you about all of them. We found 20 new investigators. I think the coolest is a family that we found that is looking for a church and they don't like the catholic church and the dad told a story of a friend that was into drugs when they were littler and all his friends tried to get him to stop but the only people that could were the Mormon elders. And now that guys has a family a nice job and is super happy...and still active! It was cool to hear that testimony of him.

We have big areas that include city and country but we mainly work in the cities. This ward isn't great with referrals but they are great at integrating the investigator...we bring someone to church and they swallowed up by members its great! They are making our mission one on the first of July so still a little time and i hope that i get to serve in Madeira or up north as soon as they come together! It would be super awesome!

I didn''t hear that they got Osama Bin Laden..that is super great news...i think...hopefully it makes the war easier or something! I haven´t heard anything about it yet! Unfortunately someone sold my truck...sad day! I get the new one when I get back though right? sweet good plan!! :)

Love you guys!!
Elder Bushnell

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