Monday, May 30, 2011


This is Carlos...he has a super awesome story...remind me next week to tell you about it!!


This week was a battle! We had to full on battle with Carlos and Susanna...we won the battle with Carlos and he was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday...unfortunatly we lost the battle with Susana and she was not baptized. She isn't ready to sacrifice anything to be baptized. She need to stop smoking. She will be baptized here in a little cause she knows its true she just needs a little more encouragement.

I have been wearing the retainer every night for the first few hours...then i wake up and take it off. I might start wearing it just during studies in the morning from 830 till 11 then after it feels better move towards the night time...idk.

Thanks for picking up a shirt for me. Next week is transfers so hang on to anything you are going send.There is a fairly good chance i am leaving this transfer!

Haha this week has been SUPER HOT!!! with rain as well. That is super crazy that the ski resorts have snow sufficient to stay open till July! That is ridiculous! I kinda miss the snow...cause its super hot and we can´t go swimming like everyone else here.

That is super great news that my cousins are going to the temple. I am super duper happy for them all! Especially for Jackson and Talia. I haven´t ever met her, kinda weird. That is super cool about Lacy having a baby and also that they are going to Florida...just thinking about Florida reminds me of that trip when we went. That was awesome! The trip to Cleveland was super fun as well, I want to go to back to the Sacred Grove now that it is so much more real to me. It was real before obviously but like now i have a whole different perspective on what really happened there.

Thanks a bunch for everything mommy!! Love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

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