Monday, June 13, 2011

6.13.11 Dad's Letter

Yeah that week was nuts but this last week was super calm and nothing exciting happened really. We knocked doors and tried to find new people. I am not really sure what the responsibilities for DL are exactly. I think that I just have to deal with numbers and then do district meeting. Which will not be cool but its fine cause I have sisters and zone leaders in my district and they like to talk a lot!

Ass for the crazy guy...we don´t know exactly what happened. He was smoking something more that tobacco and he also has metal problems. But its all good! We already have seen him on the street twice but always on the other side of a fairly bit road or in a coffee shop. We were just talking about church and why he wasn't at church, I don´t know why he flipped. When I grabbed his arm as he was going to hit Levirte the 2nd time he swung his arm around and tried to hit me but I saw it coming and ducked. Then I pushed him so iI could get on the other side of the parked cars then ran around to help my comp. It was super funny actually, it was like all slow motion. My new companion and I are going to do great! He is from Glennis Ferry, Idaho. I am not sure where that is but it is a super small town and he is a big duck hunter. and golfs a little bit.

Susana is kinda being a stinker...she will be baptized but only when the time is right for her. Hopefully that will be soon! Also the 8yr old kid is having all sorts of family issues so its been hard to talk to him but we will pass by tonight at 6:30 and talk to him and his family. We are focusing a lot on finding new people to teach.

I will try not to forget my hump party....i think you should have one for mom I bet she is more excited!! :)

Thanks dad! Love you!

Elder Bushnell

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