Monday, June 13, 2011

6.13.11 Mom's Letter

Hey mommy!!

Haha I am pretty sure hump week is more exciting for you as my mommy than for me! :) It kinda scares me to think about home and real life and growing up.Good thing I still got a little time in the mission. That is super awesome for are his papers going? That is weird that Matt Ashby is coming home. That means I will be 2nd again on the list right? Behind Sister Park? That is weird!

This week was fine..nothing super exciting happened. The first week of transfers are always super calm and stuff. We have got to do some new finding. Susana is being a little stubborn but we will continue with her. Ailton the 8 yr old is having all sorts of family stuff so we haven´t been able to talk to him really but we have a lesson marked for tonight with him.

I have not gotten the package with the shirt yet but Friday was a holiday here and I think today might be one as well but I am not exactly sure. It's like Saint Antonio Day or something weird but we don´t know if its a holiday or not, so it might take a little while longer. I need to get better at switching my contacts, I think I still have TONS but I will trade today and then see how I am doing for reals. My new companion is Elder Bauman from Glennis Ferry, Idaho. I lived with him when I was in Loulé. He is super awesome and it will be a lot easier to work with him. We get along pretty good I think...we haven´t had any arguments or anything yet. He likes golfing and hunting so its all going be great!

You don´t need to be freaked out cause he got attacked. It wasn't anything bad...he was eating McDonalds the next day. Thanks for adding him on Facebook. we are going to start finding people this week cause we slacked off in the past and now we don´t have many people. This ward is feeding me a TON!! my comp has a scale cause he is trying to get ripped. But I weighed myself and I am like 157.

Are you guys going down for Jackson's wedding? Tell Uncle Rusty that he is going to need to let me bring friends to swim in his pool? I hope this up coming week will be a nice relaxing one!!

Thanks for everything mommy!! Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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