Monday, June 6, 2011

6.6.11 Mom's Letter

Dear Mother,

This week was possibly the roughest week of my mission. We were planning on baptizing a 8 year old kid but he moved in with his aunt who hates us, so we couldn't really talk to him. But finally we got it planned out for 9:30 at night so his mom could come from work. But the bishop here told us no and that we had to wait. So my streak of baptizing every week was broken...sad day. But the worst part of the week was Sunday...aka...yesterday.

We left Carlos' house and we were talking with this guy in the road who was smoking some sort of drug we think. He snapped randomly and he full on decked my comp in the mouth 2 times. So my comp starts running backwards and this guy swings at me, I was able to dodge it and run around to grab my companion. Then we ran from that street and my companion was bleeding all over the place. When we got to the main road an ambulance was passing, so it slammed on its brakes and then the paramedics jumped out and started fixing him up. Then the police showed up so I had to go with them back to were it happened but the guy wasn't there. I had to give them all the information I knew about the guy. When I got back to the ambulance were my companion was getting fixed up and the paramedics were like "we don´t have room for you in the ambulance" so I looked at the police and they were just like "do you know where the hospital is?" I was like "yes" and he was like "start walking"....super against the rules. So I called Carlos and he came and gave me a ride but it was super funny cause my comp right after getting in the ambulance was like "Elder I won´t be staying in area"...of course that was the first thing he thought about. It was a super exciting day! So now he has 5 stitches in his mouth on his lips but he is doing great!

As far as transfers I will stay here and he is leaving. I will stay as serve with Elder Bauman, who lived with me in the Loulé house. He is a little younger than me in the mission but not by a lot! It will be super great! Susana is marked to be baptized on this upcoming Saturday so hopefully that will all go through! She is getting lots of pressure but now with my comp getting hit in the face it kinda pushed her even more to get baptized. She is a pretty stubborn lady, its a thing from the north. Oh I almost forgot to tell you I am the new district leader here in Setúbal! Nothing super exciting cause I basically did all the jobs of DL this last transfer!

Sounds like you had a super awesome week of relaxation!! haha of course after the week of relax you have a ton more work to do. Also mommy if possible I need another toothbrush head...and socks when you have time...I am not in a huge need for socks but slowly more and more are getting holes on the heels from my shoes. Thanks a bunch for everything mommy!!! :)

Love you!!!

Elder Bushnell

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