Monday, June 6, 2011

6.6.11 Dad's Letter

Hey Daddio!!

Carlos´ story is cool...he had some small doubts about things but the biggest problem was that he was feeling like a terrible person. Just full of badness, so he went to the Book of Mormon to find the answers. He found Alma 32 about the seed. He drew a line that I had never heard of, he said that we get to pick what we have planted inside of us. He realized our purpose was only to plant a good seed in his heart and through following invitations he would nourish and help the seed to grow until he was filled with a good seed instead of the bad seed he has had all his life. It was super awesome!!! His wife Susana is marked for Saturday!!

Mom will probably be freaking out cause I told her the story of my companion getting punched in the face twice but really everything is great...we are joking and laughing about it already. The guy that hit him was smoking drugs and has some mental issues and he snapped but its all good! It will be interesting to see him again in the road in the future...i don´t know how that will work out...we will see! :)

So for transfers, I will stay and will be District Leader. I will serve with Elder Bauman who is a huge hunter from Idaho, its going to be great! He lived with my in Loulé when I was serving in Albufeira. The missions will join the first of July, so transfers are going to be like the middle of July and it is VERY possible I will go up north. I probably will for sure leave this area so to the north is super likely! I am stoked! They got like 11 missionaries this transfer but I think in the next few months we aren't going to get very 3 or 4 every transfer. So we will be shrinking the number of missionaries a little.

Thanks for everything dad!! Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

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