Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Mommy!!

This week was a battle all the way till Sunday. We ended up having a baptism of a 8 year old girl who´s mom was a member but was excommunicated a long time ago...but she wants to come back. It was super cool. Cristiana is the girl that was baptized...sorry i cant really use a usb drive here cause we are SUPER short on time so i will have to try another day.

My comp and i are doing great...he has only been out about 6 months...he doesn´t speak really great but he for sure tries it is good. We are still in the finding stages of this transfer...the area is super big and so we have started just focusing right around our house and the church. This week as a battle because on Saturday the mom (Carla) decided maybe it would be better if they waited another week but i was very stubborn and have learned how to argue and be very persuasive with her and we pushed very very hard cause we know it was Satan putting those thoughts in her head...we ended up paying for 2 taxis...3 trains tickets(didn´t use) and having to call President to tell him we would be late but it turned out an AMAZING baptism were Carla felt the spirit VERY strong and was SUPER grateful for the effort and fight we put up to make it all happen. She was SOOO grateful!!!

Oh that is sad that our boat is still broken. I hope it gets all fixed up! I am super excited to get back and go on more fun adventures. I hope your eyes get better? mine have been super dry lately....i don´t know why but i keep putting drops in to help them out.

Thanks for sending me packages mommy!! My bags are kinda full but i have lots i want to buy as my mission draws closer to the end..for example i almost bought a 50 dollar suit this week...i might buy it next week. Europe has super cheap prices for suits of super good quality...i don´t know maybe we have the brand ZARA? it is huge here and normally they are super expensive. The are the super cool fit Europe suits as well...i like them a lot!

Tell Lisa and Ron and Jack
son i say Hi and that i love them! Tell Talia that i say welcome to the family a little late but that she is now in the loved circle! Sounds like things are changing super fast! It is super weird! I can´t believe Austin is already married...and Cameron is engaged?! To who?! CRAZY!!

Thanks Mommy!!!

Love you!!

Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddy-

yeah i am setting in very well!! We found 16 new investigators! Everything is good with my companion...he is super funny. I am grateful to be with a good one now! The bed is better...i took the crappy one off and ow i have a good one. In that dedication prayer he talks a lot about how we are the lighthouse of Europe and we have no doubt that right now we are filling that prophecy! It is super cool! The history of this place is amazing!
The Communist party is still pretty common here...kinda weird.

In my district now we only have 4...including me and my comp. i can only think of like 5 that came up to infiltrate the north. We are getting this area really rolling! We had a baptism this weekend of a 8 year old girl...her mom was excommunicated and wants to come back! It was a great baptism and her mom was super grateful after for pushing and helping her make this decision. It was a huge help to have served so close to the Irmã. I think they were just focusing on the wrong purpose...helping less actives instead of baptizing...and they didn´t do anything as efficiently as us. The cough is gone and i really am doing fantastic! I can´t think of anything other that replacement toothbrush heads. I have been trying to get better but the journal would be awesome! :)

Thanks for everything daddy!!

Love you!!!

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