Monday, August 22, 2011


Hey Daddio!!!

Things are going great! We were able to have that baptism yesterday...of Alissia! It was super great. The chapel ran out of gas so we had a semi cold baptism.

I hope Tyler is okay. That first day in the MTC is rough....I wouldn´t ever really want to go through the MTC again. It is a rough time in life. I am sure Woolley's will hang in there and pull through.

We haven´t had time to get back to talk to that lady but we have plans to try this week a few times...she works a lot so it is hard but we will get her. I will let you know what happens with her if anything happens. This week was a lot of inviting people to the baptism and preparing her for everything! It was a lot of work to get her ready...for only being 12 she has been through a TON of stuff. It was ridiculous.

I think I will stay in this is rare that someone only stays one transfer in any area...also this area is really big and i am still mostly lost but i hope that i get to serve with someone from my same district again. Someone who has been here about the same time as me so speaks well and has already learned the ropes and everything but we will see.

Thanks for everything Dad! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

Hey Mommy!

Things really are going great! We were able to have her baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! It went super well! We had a small problem with the gas at the she had a semi cold wasn´t awful. We also had a party after which went really well we had a lot of members that brought cake and stuff and it was a good party! This week we had 6 people in church most of which were Alissia´s family. (Alissia was the girl baptised) This week we focused a lot on her and getting her ready for the baptism. This ward is really good at feeding us...this week we have 3 meals already planned out. One of which is at the house of Irmã De Almeida´s grandmother...who is one of the Irmãs i served with in Setúbal. Her grandma loves me now cause I served with her granddaughter.

The workout is a beast but i am getting bigger...when i started this transfer i was like 153 pounds with a little layer of flab around the belt but now it is a almost no flab and a 6 arms have gotten a lot bigger and today i was lifting some GIANT water jugs and i used to kinda struggle carrying 2 from the store to our house...well i owned those water jugs this time...the stairs didn´t even faze me! I have gotten back up to like 162ish. It is a crazy workout! But it works! Tell the Shieldsthat I will for sure enjoy O Livro de Mormon and I will make sure it gets put to good use!

Thanks for sending me that stuff mommy! I love you! Transfers are next Monday which is scary.

That is super crazy that it is time for school to start up again! I can´t believe how fast summer has gone! Next summer i will be there with my super awkward tan lines! Wow Ellie is not old enough to be in kindergarten...that is weird. Of course Jordan loves doing anything with BYU...tell him he better get the Football team rolling this year...its hard to defend us out here in the real world!

Do you get to play in the golf tournament? Does dad? I wanna play in it next year!!! I really miss golfing! I get letters from Claire and Nikelle about golf and it makes me a little bit trunkie cause they are getting super good at it and I am getting worse....that is okay this workout will help in the future!

Oh i bet that the Woolleys are having a rough is there only boy as well. It probably will be hard for them for a while cause there family was like one of the most united families i have met. Wow tyler is going to be in the MTC forever! I wonder how he is doing...i will send him an email. My time is getting very short in the comp pointed out that i have 14 months out and that i could serve 4 transfers here and be less than 6 months left in my mission when i leave....super weird...i could only have this area and one other. Weird!! Thanks for everything mommy!!

I love you TONS!!!

Elder Bushnell

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