Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey Mommy,

I did get my transfer calls and i will stay here with Elder Carpenter another transfer! I am super stoked he is way cool! One thing for sure is when I am married I am going on last minute adventures! I think they are great! I created a mini bucket list and one of the items is to go to the airport and catch the next flight to anywhere in the US....super random but cool!

Wow sounds like you had a pretty sweet adventure! I want to go to couer dalene when i get back and golf the island green! haha a two hour bus ride...sounds like what we do here...the ones from Lisbon to the algarve are 4 though!! I actually kinda like riding in big tour buses! Your adventure sounds super fun! It is cool you got to see the scenic route :)

So you are teaching on the gathering of Israel...umm one thing is to look at the gospel principles book if we have one...they have a whole chapter about it that explains pretty well....also i hate lessons that are just talk but have to invitation or anything to encourage them to DO about how it is missionary work and how you know it is really hard to do missionary work in Orem utah cause everyone is a member but with technology it is become a lot easier to share what we believe with the whole world in a few seconds...encourage them to move the work forward in some way...they could create a profile or something where people can go to read and learn about NORMAL mormon people....i don´t know just an idea.

Thanks for everything mommy!! Love you!!!

Hey daddio!

This week was nor too bad we have a family that is progressing but the Dad doesn´t want to let them be baptized cause he feels like he is betraying his parents who baptised him in the Catholic church...we are going to try to settle that out tonight! ;)

We had transfers and i am staying with Elder Carpenter which is super awesome! We are going to create a battle plan tonight and figure out exaclty where our weak points are and where we can afford to push ourselves a little higher and see if we can´t defeat satan a little better this transfer! It will be super awesome we are pumped!

Yeah sounds like mom had a pretty crazy ordeal getting there but actually when i read it..i thought of the mission and some crazy times i have had....having to catch a taxi, a metro, a boat, a train, then a ride from a member all just to get home! Super awesome times!!

Was that the 700 you worked on? I remember and like Brother Clayton a lot! He is super cool! How hard is it to put a new belt on a 4wheeler? I don´t think we have ever changed one together...maybe but i don´t remember.  Yeah it is crazy how fast time is going i will be home before you know it.

Haha Kyle will need his time! I have been thinking about what I will say at my homecoming and that is going to be a stressful day! I have SOO many stories but when i try to tell them in english they come out super funny and don´t make a lot of sense...can i have a translator?

Thanks for everything daddio!! Love you!!

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