Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey Mommy!

This week was pretty good. We worked super hard to get people in church but only ended up with 5 which isn´t of them is basically blind so that a a battle to get her there...she liked it for the most part i think. The lady that we met is named Rosana and she is progressing pretty well...she is kinda tricky to meet with and she didn´t show up for church this week so we are going to pass by tonight to see what happened. She is scared to be baptized in a church and then decide later it isn´t true...which is exactly how she should be thinking so she just needs to make an effort to get the answer she is looking for! :) When i met with president he said that the number 1 reasons we don´t improve in life is because we don´t continue to learn and appreciate the atonement...he said if we want to be better missionaries we need to study it more...if we want to be successful and happy in our lives we need to study it more. Got any ideas or cool books or anything about studying the atonement? I have no idea if i will stay up here in the north or not...we have transfers the 22 of November and probably i will leave.

I am currently doing p90x really crappy. I haven´t had time or energy to do it. I will start again good this week though. I haven´t put on a lot of weight, I am around 157ish.I can see a difference arms and a lot bigger and more defined. My teeth look like the day i got my braces off, super straight and super white.

Well thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

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